Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrong Foot

I took 2 weeks off.

One of those weeks was because I was sick. Caught a cold of course.

The other week was just plain Holiday laziness.

I'm ashamed, but it felt right at the time. I feel bad cuz I was on such a roll and had a solid base well on it's way to building.

I went for my first run last night and today I feel like I've been hit by a train. Yeh, I suck.

No more excuses now though, I'm going to chalk my two-week hiatus as a simple 'Calm before the storm'.  It's crunch time now. The Meat of the training program begins.

The last couple of months were just 'the extra mile'. Getting in some base build before everyone else. Taking some time to prop myself up to help make the January work load just a bit easier. I can't say it feels any easier, but give me a few days to work the cobwebs out and free up my rusty joints. I'm sure you don't lose much of anything in just a couple of weeks off.

I know I gained weight. I feel it. Understandably so, I ate like a porker over the holidays. Sickening but the urge to feast has been quelled. Actually I'm the complete opposite, I over ate by so much that I don't even want to eat anything anymore. I ate THAT much.

Anyways, I'm so happy to be kicking off the official training plan. This is for real now.

Given how beat up I feel after just one workout, I'm afraid of Sunday's long run with the running club. It's going to hurt. I would hate to let anyone down because I can't keep up. It's important to me to have a respectable run with these guys and learn from them. Show Up and Suffer, that's my plan.

My training program streaks in a couple of weeks. No days off. I might just bump that up a week or two to play catch-up, I could really use the training. I'll do what the body says to do. As far as my mind is  concerned I plan to streak starting right this very moment. Let us see how that goes.

There's an essence of excitement in the air. Anticipation, I can feel it.  The wife is all Training-plan happy. She went and setup the spare bedroom as a Yoga-like room and tv/dvd stuff. She organized the bike clothing, mostly mine and has been getting everything prepared for the commencement of her own program. She's hanging printouts of her training plan everywhere. In the Yoga-room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and the ceiling of the bedroom. There's printed photos of Chrissie and Craig in the Yoga room, motivational tools galore. I'm a bit disappointed there's no Macca anywhere, but I'll bring some reading material of my own. Actually, could probably help me with finding material.

It's crunch time for all you Tremblant athletes. The season has started with or without you. Which one are you? :)


  1. IMMT guy checking in! Don't worry about the 2wks - that's a small timeframe for someone aiming at a +6mo training plan!

  2. Speaking of hanging up pictures... I have a great one of Fran I keep over my bed, I often lay awake at night wondering if she misses me at all. Soon we will be together again!

    As for your laziness, sucks to be you. Even I have been steadily working out. That is pretty bad.

    Well, I am kind of surprised I am not the only person that has eaten themselves to the point of disgust :) Good job buddy!

    Hoping for the best for both of you as we near the thick of winter. Stay motivated and remember to have fun!

  3. doh! when ya gotta go, ya go!

    Actually I don`t think I passed you at ATB as I was one of the last ones to start the race. if you started in the middle of the pack, i don`t think i passed you as i was looking for you but you did great.

    don`t worry about your running base as it will come back. you don`t lose all that fitness in two weeks of gorging.

  4. Like I said One Day at a Time :) It is fine to take time off every now and then to give the body and brain a restart!

  5. OMG, you always post the best pics!!!! I also took two weeks off and ate like a porker, only that was after essentially taking three months off so I'm crawling back slowly.



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