Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The Y-33 lives! This is my old mountain bike. I came home last night to find that my wife had cleaned it up in preparation for our 24hr mountain bike relay race next week. Our team was originally competitive but given how close this is to Ironman Muskoka, among other excuses, most of the team has opted out and those of us still showing up are just there for fun. I thought this would be a good opportunity to have my 3 sons go do a lap and see what it's like! Mrs. Lord of the Chainrings let the kids know our plan to make them do a lap, and the response was less than stellar. My boys do not ride. We bought some very decent bikes for them a few years ago and they just aren't interested. I don't push the issue as I know what it's like to be pushed into a sport that you're not in love with. For me it was basketball, and a ton of it. Regardless, this is a free opportunity for the kids to get out of the house and try something new. This was an $8000 rare carbon bike back in the day so the kids are going to turn some heads to say the least. I wish I had a picture to show you, but my smart phone is so horrible to use that I dread taking it out. I'll try and get one tonight. The picture above is from the last official race that we did together during my 'comeback' year. I was 50lbs heavier and almost died on that final hill that is part of the Paris to Ancaster race but at least I beat the other 2 guys up by a long shot. I've won more than my fair share of races on my Trek so I feel bad not riding it any more. It will be exciting to see it in action again! I can't wait!

On the training front, I managed to get a MTB reverse loop in at Twinponds Puslinch. I am getting bored with the usual routes so I had to try something different. Going backwards on the loop meant I couldn't race through the blind corners as I risked a head on collision. It was also much more technical going backwards but I invite the challenge. At the end of my ride I felt dissatisfied. It didn't feel like a workout. I think my fitness is reaching a level where I need to take things up a notch on the bike. I think I'll wait until after IM Muskoka before I notch, heck I should be thinking about my taper very soon.
When I got home, I craved an ice cream cone. We had cones sitting on the counter, but no ice cream. So while I was in the shower we sent the kids out to pickup ice cream. Yes, aren't kids great!

We had to send Fran's bike in to the bike shop to bleed her mountain bike brakes. I dont have the necessary fittings to bleed her type of brake and I can't be bothered to buy the tool to do it. I'll just as soon buy brand new brakes to match my make/model so we only need one set of tools. I do all my own bike work, I dont remember the last time I paid a bike store for labour but it was too late to tack the tools/parts onto our last shipment from the bike store in the UK and I didn't want to pay shipping for a couple odds and ends. I would like to do the Kelso mountain bike Triathlon this weekend, however I want to know how much the bike repair will cost first before I go spending money. We still haven't heard back from the bike shop.

Nutrition Fail. I at lunch a Wendy's today. Fries and spicey chicken burger. Then I had left over breaded pizza for dinner. Yup, I've been a bad boy. Face.Palm.

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