Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Update

I did some workouts.
2 x 100m tempo upside down and backwards running.
It was cold out.
I really need to train more.
Damn I got fat over the holidays.
I hope to do x, y, z, races this year.
I want to qualify for 'fill in the blank'.

Sooo now that I've summed up the jist of the blog posts circulating the triathlon world, I'm not sure what to write about. Things have been quiet out there, very few posts by anyone including me.

I think it comes back to I don't want to sound like the aformentioned topics. Obviously it's too late for that, but it sure makes it tougher to fill this blank sheet of virtual paper if all I can think about is what I don't want to write about.

I have a rule that says I never talk about work and I only share the odd family life detail here and there. So that also cuts into the list of topics to blog about, afterall its supposed to be a triathlon blog right?

Technically a training blog. So I've been training. Regularly since my last post. I'll spare you the boring details but one thing is for sure - I appreciate the most wicked awesome weather EVAR! It has generally been above 0 celsius all winter long. We only had one cold day that I can remember because I had to do a long run in it. Snotsicles suck. After such an amazing weather to-date, I dont mind if it drops to -30 celsius for the rest of the winter, I didn't take our warm weather for granted. I think this could go down as one of the best winters ever! There's hardly any of it left really. I picked a great year to train for an Ultra! I hope the summer delivers lots of dry! Yes, I'm getting greedy now.

As-is, my running is going swell - even picked up some new shoes! Trail running specific shoes, amazing traction. Maybe too much traction actually, but I felt safe on the snow/ice covered trails last weekend! They're not the most expensive or fancy shoes, even got them on sale, but considering the amount of training I'm doing outdoors - I am just going to ruin any pair I buy so no point buying a flimsy set of racing shoes right now.

Cycling sucks. I wrestle with getting motivated to get on the trainer, but I get it done anyways. I've been thinking long and hard about my lack of cylcing mojo and I think I've narrowed it down to a couple of key reasons. 1) Lack of fitness. As I improve, it will be more fun. Or so I hope. I feel like I have a mountain of training to climb before I get back to where I should be with regards to my fitness/ability. 2) My bike fit sucks. I'm fighting back pain, I think it's the bike's fault! Well technically it is my fault, I think I need to get some better posture and also review my configuration. I think the back pain is what makes me want to avoid the bike. I find it tough to maintain a proper posture on the bike when I'm indoors, its not the same as outdoors. I'm working on it though.

Swimming is a breeze. I feel well-worked after my regularly scheduled 3000m swims. I can feel myself getting stronger.

The wife has been working diligently on her own training plan. She's getting it done.
It's exciting to hear the kids talk about triathlon. They've shown a genuine interest in trying it out next year. I've been such a hardcore mountain biker and really hoped the kids would take it up, but it just wasn't for them. I didn't push them on it either, so they kind of did there own sports. I'm new to triathlon, it's only my second year so it's exciting to see the kids WANT to try a sport I'm interested in. Triathlon is contagious, people see others working out regularly and living an athletically-rich life and in time they want that for themselve too. I think it comes down to the whole 'if they can do it, then I can too!'.  Whatever the reason, I'm excited to see the kids try a race this year. This will be a very emotional and proud moment for me, I can't wait! They're getting older, and I came late to the triathlon party but better late than never! We'll work on a simple training plan together with them - just a bit of structure leading up to the race to boost confidence and get a taste of how 'hard' work pays off. Definitely a sprint distance event, but they could be more than capable of Olympic distance. I'll leave that decision up to them and time a sprint distance far enough out that they can choose to train for Olympic if interested.
Actually I better watch what I ask for. The both of them are pretty darn fast. Heck, the younger one is putting out some seriously amazing results for the school swim team and track club. I'm hesitant to admit he may very well be faster than me but we won't know until we really face each other in an event. Unfortunately for him, if either one of them beat me at a short distance triathlon - I would just sign them up for an Ironman the next day and get the last laugh. That should be detterance enough for them to not finish ahead of me. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrong Foot

I took 2 weeks off.

One of those weeks was because I was sick. Caught a cold of course.

The other week was just plain Holiday laziness.

I'm ashamed, but it felt right at the time. I feel bad cuz I was on such a roll and had a solid base well on it's way to building.

I went for my first run last night and today I feel like I've been hit by a train. Yeh, I suck.

No more excuses now though, I'm going to chalk my two-week hiatus as a simple 'Calm before the storm'.  It's crunch time now. The Meat of the training program begins.

The last couple of months were just 'the extra mile'. Getting in some base build before everyone else. Taking some time to prop myself up to help make the January work load just a bit easier. I can't say it feels any easier, but give me a few days to work the cobwebs out and free up my rusty joints. I'm sure you don't lose much of anything in just a couple of weeks off.

I know I gained weight. I feel it. Understandably so, I ate like a porker over the holidays. Sickening but the urge to feast has been quelled. Actually I'm the complete opposite, I over ate by so much that I don't even want to eat anything anymore. I ate THAT much.

Anyways, I'm so happy to be kicking off the official training plan. This is for real now.

Given how beat up I feel after just one workout, I'm afraid of Sunday's long run with the running club. It's going to hurt. I would hate to let anyone down because I can't keep up. It's important to me to have a respectable run with these guys and learn from them. Show Up and Suffer, that's my plan.

My training program streaks in a couple of weeks. No days off. I might just bump that up a week or two to play catch-up, I could really use the training. I'll do what the body says to do. As far as my mind is  concerned I plan to streak starting right this very moment. Let us see how that goes.

There's an essence of excitement in the air. Anticipation, I can feel it.  The wife is all Training-plan happy. She went and setup the spare bedroom as a Yoga-like room and tv/dvd stuff. She organized the bike clothing, mostly mine and has been getting everything prepared for the commencement of her own program. She's hanging printouts of her training plan everywhere. In the Yoga-room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and the ceiling of the bedroom. There's printed photos of Chrissie and Craig in the Yoga room, motivational tools galore. I'm a bit disappointed there's no Macca anywhere, but I'll bring some reading material of my own. Actually, Xhamster.com could probably help me with finding material.

It's crunch time for all you Tremblant athletes. The season has started with or without you. Which one are you? :)


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