Thursday, October 28, 2010

Double Down

I don't know why they would send the letter to an address, I haven't lived at in 10 years. I went to pickup my supposed Jury duty letter, to find that it was just a questionaire to qualify me for jury duty. Well considering I dont live at my father's anymore, I guess that can go unanswered. It said you had 5 days to answer, it's been longer than that. How do they manage to get my address so wrong?

Anyhow this leads into my excuse for not training Wednesday night. I got talking with Dad over pizza for longer than planned,  and came home with the good intention of running in the rain but I had to give the Mrs. attention as she was pissed I didn't 'check-in' that I wouldn't be home for dinner. I'm such a bad husband. She'll spank me later for it though. I hope! :)  Anyhow, with Wednesday being a write-off I thought I would make up for it Thursday. I immediately ran out the door to get a trail run in at Dundas Valley. It is a 'lolipop' course, starting at the end of the stick. I got 90% of the way around the loop to find that the trail was closed for the filming of some stupid show Nikita. I had to turn back and in essence doubled the distance that I had planned. They were lucky I had enough daylight, otherwise I would have ran right through the set while waving the finger. Classy, I know. Nonetheless, before the end of my run I was feeling mild shin splint from the excessive climbing and distance. This route is very hilly, almost no flat. I tried to justify skipping my planned swim that night since I ran twice as far as I wanted. I hummed and hawed and left late to get to the pool, but I did leave! It worked out in the end because since I arrived to the pool after lap-swimming session began, the receptionist had already closed the till and I didn't have to pay! Woohoo! This happens from time to time. I got a casual 2000m in and 15 minutes in the sauna.

This would be my first catch-up evening to date by doubling up my workouts to make up for one that I missed. Normally Friday is my recovery day, but I may have to shift things around again tonight. I may work late again, so we'll see if I'm skipping my date with the gym.

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