Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Big R

Do you hear that? Shhhhh... you have to be very quiet and listen. Yes, that's right - that's the sound of my resting heartrate. Oh and I get to maintain this for another 36 hours! Yay! Tomorrow is the first rest day of my self-proclaimed maintenance plan created by JPO.

JPO, John Proc Online, competes directly with MAO, Mark Allen Online, triathlete coaching program. So far, I've only enrolled myself in this program as nobody is willing to pay me $hit for my coaching.. I'm confident JPO has a superior program than MAO, however I have yet to prove that on the race track. It seems everyone that is following the MAO program is whooping my butt in the races. I've made some improvements to the JPO program and I intend on delivering a world of hurt to those that are following MAO. Namely Rodney, Brian, and Bryan. Well I can dream anyhow.

So last night was a swim night. I met up with my arch nemesis Freddie for the first time. He's the one at fault for planting the Ironman idea in my head in the first place. Surprisingly, he's a really great guy. I expected a roughneck knuckle dragger, chewing on a peice of straw in his beat up pickup truck with a gun rack and three legged dog. I mean, afterall he is from Drumbo. Oh wow, Bing maps actually found Drumbo when I did the search! I think they have one stop sign or something in the middle of nowhere. :)  So anyhow, I was glad to see we hit it off with some triathlon talk immediately. He sounded as excited about this stuff as I am, he definitely knows his stuff. We kicked off a few laps and I immediately started feeling the pizza I wolfed down earlier. When I say pizza, I mean Pizza singular. As in a whole. I ate the whole darn pizza, it was so good and I've been behaving myself all week so I treated myself. I may have overlooked the effects it would have on my swim. I put a good 1000m in and then we hit the sauna. Freddie is hoping to hit a half-Iron next year. I know he can do it, he has the personality, I look forward to getting some training time in with someone other than Mrs. LoTC as I think she's getting sick of me. :) Overall it was a successful man-date. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing more of each other in the future.

Rest Dayz

I felt bad cutting my swim short last night, so tonight I went for a fast run. Knowing tomorrow is a rest day, I picked up the pace a little. It wasn't easy, I was out of my comfort zone, but I knew I can relax when it's all done. It's new for us to exercise before dinner. This is a necessary evil because of lack of daylight, but I think I'm finding I enjoy it. I'm not rushed when we sit down and eat. I know that I can relax the rest of the night so it's much more enjoyable. I hate waiting for the workout, I like getting it over with.
I didn't get any pics or videos for the blog still. i'm still working on getting a replacement phone. We're aiming for an iphone so I'm hoping for high quality blog material in the future. In the meantime, I've got nothing.


  1. I'm potentially looking for a new Program, how much is the JPO program? h


  2. Wow JPO sounds interesting but I'll see how it works out for you this year and stick with Nancy for now. haha

    Thanks again for the beer and by they way, BUY FRAN A BIKE! See you Sunday.

  3. B - Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that it was invite-only. You'll have to apply and pass the screening process. There will be a private interview where you are required to prove your commitment to the program. ;)

    SSINAG- Admitedly the JPO program let me down this year, but I had to balance training with fun yet still finish the 1/2 IM. It was successful, but the competitive voice in the back of my mind is now screaming about not doing better. I'll redeem myself at Lake Placid, I hope. Gotta stick to the program this time!

  4. We are damn proud of that one stop sign and both my dogs have four legs thank you very, we keep the guns in the bedroom, not the truck!
    Thanks for getting Freddie off his arse! He's been laid up this week with a sick wife but he'll be back out next week.



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