Monday, November 1, 2010

Need More Cowbell

Working late Thursday night meant I had to reschedule the workout to my rest day on Friday night. That didn't work out too well either, as somehow I didn't workout that day too. Ooops. Saturday was wet out, so instead of a bike ride we went for a long run. A beautiful windy fall day. The mild shin splint is still present in my right leg, so I kept concentrating on technique. I don't think I aggrevated it.
Later that night we decided to goto some icecream treat from Marble Slab Creamery. Never again, what an absolute $hithole. The icecream was already melted, it was just a mushy liquid at best. Then the dumb little gurl behind the counter completely messed up the order process. Somehow she figured that 'no whip cream or cherry' was the same as 'give me no toppings at all'. So it was a 7 dollar melted scoop of icecream with nothing on it. What a waste of time. I sent a nastygram to there head office to let them know of my experience and all I got was an excuse. It says something along the lines of each franchise is independently operated. As if I care? If that location loses money, I'm pretty sure MSC loses money too - nevermind the damage it does to the brand. Anyhow, it's obvious they don't feel responsible to protect the brand so I'll vote with my dollar and not return ever again.
Sunday was disappointing. I really had to get out for a ride, but instead we hit the gym for the first time since before the summer! I was not feeling into it, so I only put in 30 minutes of eliptical. Next time I'll bring headphones to try to keep the mind occupied. I don't think the TV selection was helping either. With no audio, I just looked at the pictures. On one monitor was an infomercial for some kind of bra. It was very annoying as they showed the same pictures of overweight woman wrestling with there bras over and over. I always managed to look up at the monitors at just the right time too. ick. I think I'm going to invest some time into a playlist and mp3 player. I hate looking up music, I dont know 'artists' or song titles. I don't have a musical sense at all. I just listen to what's on the radio, dont ask what it is because I do not have a clue. Everytime I start to lookup songs for a playlist, I give up quickly as I get frustated with the amount of time I'm wasting on it. I'm completely missing that creative gene. On the bright side, I did lift weights full body. I didn't lift anything heavy as I'm just trying to reactivate the muscles and take it easy.

From a weekly review standpoint - I completely missed one workout, and substituted an afternoon at the gym in place of a bike ride. Not a very good trade in my opinion, and this reduced the amount of hours actually spent working out. I'm not very happy with this week so I have to make sure I make up for it with a perfect week 3. It should help that next week is an easy 'rest' week so I'll use that for motivation to work 'hard'. Afterall, I'm still in maintenance mode, but it's important that I get accustomed to the schedule and do the darn workouts!

Weekly Total (Wk 2):
Swim: 1:37hrs
Bike: Nil
Runing: 2:10hrs
Strength: 1:15hrs

Sucky Total: 5hrs

I am still waiting on my replacement phone so no pictures or video yet again.

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