Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Suck it IN

I received a fair amount of positive feedback with regards to the video I created and posted the other day. I had alot of fun with that.
Today was 'Take your kids to work day'. I get to spend some time with the company's kids and talk about I.T.'s role and answer questions mostly about facebook and twitter use in the workplace. It was alot of fun. I had created a video similar to the one about Fran's bike for the kids to watch, however all the presentation equipment was on loan and I had to use the old stuff. Needless to say, I never got to show my creation as the laptop I was using was horrific at best. It failed immediately, even after I had tested it. I'm pretty sure it was the updates in the background killing the performance. I was prepared for this, so it wasn't a big deal. Still though, I would have been the hit of the day if they seen my video. Instead I was just another talking head that they politely listened to because they had to. Oh well, maybe next year!

So far this has been a successful week. Outside of a fair amount of pizza last night, I've managed to avoid the candy and bad food. For now. Last night's run was deliberately on flat ground rail trail as I want to give my shin splint time to heal. It's still only a 2/10 on the pain scale, but it wouldn't take much to aggravate it. Next week is a 'rest' week so I'll take it easier on it then. In the meantime this run was not too long and not too short. I had a so-so pace the whole way until an runner coming the other direction showed up. He was decked out in some fancy looking black tights running outfit and looked like he knew what he was doing. He flew by going the other direction and at moderately quicker pace than what I was doing. That inspired me to speed up and found that it is actually easier to run at the quicker speed than the slower speed. Outside of a slightly elevated heartrate, I was more comfortable with short quick steps than my long powerful strides. My hip and shin immediately felt better. Interesting. As soon as I rounded the corner and saw that guy, it was intinct to put the shoulders back and suck in the gut, puffed out the chest and made sure I 'looked' the part. On the pass we exchanged the manly nod to one another as if we were on a mission and approved of each other's performance. I adjusted my stride to a shorter quicker one to try it out then had the quick look over the shoulder to make sure nobody was looking before I hunched back over and let out the gut.
On the bright side, the gut is slowly disappearing. It's still there and requires only mild sucking on my part. I've never had a strong core so I figure I'll never stop having to do that. I have these strange protrusions on my mid-side though. I think they're called ribs. They are beginning to show. My man-boobs are bigger than ever! They're alot more firm now than they have ever been. Fran keeps cupping them and groping them, I think she secretly fantasizes that I'm actually a gurl when she's doing it.


  1. You have a great pace!!!! I can't wait 'till I am that fast!
    Yum... firm man boobs! :P
    Mrs. Lotc



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