Friday, February 25, 2011

Planters Foot

Its much more clear now. After a few days of trying to self diagnose, I have finally found what the problem is - Plantar Fasciitis.


I'm stuck in a cycle of fix / break. For instance last night I thought I was cured. By the end of the day the bottom of my foot felt great, I think I could run again. Then I wake up in the morning  and I'm in pain again. It takes the remainder of the day for it to stretch out and feel good again. Rinse, repeat.

I wish it was just my toe..... :(

Soooooo I'm seeing a bunch of stretches and exercises I can do to help stretch it out. Part of my problem though is when you go to sleep the feet arch curls up and begins to heal in that position. When you step out of bed, you aggravate the injury by compressing the arch and basically tearing what was repaired while you were asleep because of the position it was healing in. Endless cycle. Soooo there is some funky foot contrapation I can wear to bed to force the arch to remain while I sleep. I dunno about that one, it's pretty strange looking. Its a chunk of cash, but benefits probably cover it if I get a doctors note. Getting a doctors note will takes some time though, my doctor runs on bankers hours. Grrr.

Maybe I'll just do the exercises for now.

I need this fixed asap! At least I can still bike and swim. At least I'm past the peak of my run training too. Taper time has now turned into healing time. doh!


Bike - 0:50hrs Recovery


  1. I don't think there is any ASAP to this one ... sorry!

  2. that sucks John!! I have heard of this and it doesn't sound good at all. Will Fran let you wear that contraption to bed?

  3. oh that sucks. i would STRONGLY suggest getting a professional medical opinion as PF is quite a serious injury and takes a long time to heal.

  4. Not good, and I don't see Mrs LOCR being to cuddely with that thing on either. Heal quickly my friend.

  5. agree takes time to get right, which we all hate. highly recommend any passive stuff you can do at night (boots, socks, etc) to help along the way...

  6. Ugh - hang in there! At least you can still train on the other stuff for now. Shop around - Runner's Room, eBay, etc.

  7. I've had PF,Buy yourself a pair of Birenstock shoes and wear them when you get out of bed and even get an outdoor pair they really help,also get a golf ball and roll your foot on it,it will hurt but will help.Do all the stretches and there is even a laser treatment.It is an agravating injury and can take a long time to heal.Good Luck

  8. J, what's the harm in wearing that thing to bed. Not only may it help your foot, I doubt it, but you can pretend your ROBO COP in bed with Fran. Could spice things up. haha




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