Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 18 Review

What a messed up week of non-routine. On the bright side I nailed the majority of workouts in some way or another!

I spent a very late night working on putting new toys on the bikes which made me miss an early morning bike. Followed by a very slow non-run with a group of people. It was more like a light jog, which hurt more than a real run. Going that slow used different muscles and technique which was cause for pain in the shins the next day. It wasn't much of a workout, but it was better than nothing I guess. I stayed true to the training plan and rescheduled that missed bike to double up workout with a swim. That felt just fine actually, the swim was very strong.

I made an executive decision to completely deviate from routine. I took Friday off work to take advantage of the warm weather and do my long run. That meant missing my Thursday night 12Km run. An acceptable loss considering I was doing the longest run of my entire training plan at 31Km. That long run yielded great rewards, I learned alot and managed to do it mostly injury free. I still have foot pain from the previous weeks long run. I'm not overly concerned about the injury since I'm coming into a rest week. If it's not fixed by the end of the week then I'll panic.

The most high-tech expensive coffee table you
will ever sit at.
Yes - that is a real carbon Zipp disc

Round the week off with a 2:20hr bike and I'd say things were successful despite shattering routine.

Nutrition wise I've been eating an exceptional amount of pizza. I also admit to alot of candy. Namely chocolate almonds, red feet/sweedish berries and I refuse to confess the number of Ice Cream Sandwhiches I have consumed. Other than that I've made healthy choices. K, I might need to lay off the sweets lol. My weight is still lingering around the gain1.5lbs from my record low for the past three weeks. At least it is steady. I wouldn't mind trying to drop 5lbs by Around the bay race which is a month from now. Thats just wishful thinking though, I am probably better off not torturing myself with hunger leading up to my first running race of my life.

Looking forward I can see this week being extra extra recovery week. I want to take care of my body, injuries and all to make sure I start this next set in good form. Even though its more of a taper set than anything, I want to feel strong come race day. I promise myself to eat better this week. I won't starve myself but I'll make better choices when I snack.

I've been getting alot of questions about the training plan. The JPO Program basically took a marathon training program and spliced it into a triathlon base building training program for now. This is why the runs are so long, it's building up for Around The Bay Race (not quite a marathon). This winter is all about the run. I suck so bad at running that I am concentrating on that right now. I'll step up the bike in April, Swim in May/June(Open water).

WEEK 18 TOTAL (Set 5, Week 3 - Base Build)

Swim: 2:00hrs
Bike: 4:00hrs
Run: 4:20hrs

TOTAL: 10:20hrs


  1. Nice job man.

    Haha, I find it funny that this is your first Strictly a Run Race! Good luck.

    Take it easy on the feet, weird that you are having pain, should probably check to make sure you have the right shoes for you running form.

    Zipps huh? WOWZERS!

  2. So if I flash you my "cleavage" will you build me a bike? that an actual training program or something you made up?

  3. MO - The injury happened on my last long run with my old shoes. I'm hoping, after it heals, that the new shoes will prevent it from reoccuring. I hope.

    MBTB - it seems everyone around me follow the MAO program (Mark Allen Online). So I have studied a ton of programs I have found on the web and created my own JPO program (John Proc Online :) lol - I may not have the credentials of the Great Mark Allen but I consider myself smart enough to build a comparable training plan using a series of templates and gearing it for me and my schedule :)

  4. John,

    The bikes look great - and that is one sweet coffee table. Sadly, Kurt called dibs on that aerobottle on the Enjoy the Ride site. Thanks for stopping by, though and I look forward to seeing your adventures through Lake Placid. Have fun...



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