Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 19 Review

Well this was certainly a recovery week but there was probably a bit toooo much recovery and not enough exercise going on.
Having just come off the longest run of my life, I welcome this week's recovery sessions. What I did not welcome is the apparent injury to my foot. I took notice of the problem a week prior but couldn't quite pinpoint the cause. This week however, I managed to diagnose the problems and it's not going away anytime soon.

I cancelled my runs and scaled back on my other workouts. By the end of the week I felt like I could run again but I am glad I didn't. The pain comes and goes and I suspect if I run on it, it will come back with a vengence. The foot pain is nothing compared to the mental agony of not being able to train. I am going nuts just thinking about it. I am grateful that I can still bike and swim, so it could be much worse. Aside from healing, I am pretty sure the cause was a combination of hill repeats and worn out shoes that put too much stress on an unstretched ligament. I've already received my new shoes and I'm stretching every 15 minutes like clockwork. I'm also icing it 4 times a day and rolling it. I'm hoping I'm on the fast track to recovery.

Anyhow, with all this rest I'm feeling like my contents are under pressure. I have fully 'recovered' and I am packed full of energy waiting to be released on my next set of training. Given my foot issue and reduction in running I think I am going to make an effort to watch my nutrition as well. I've been steadily gaining half a pound a week since I stopped dieting. Admitedly I over indulge on sweets and bad things so it wouldn't take much to level out. This week was no better, lots of pizza and lots of junk food. I like my comfort food, especially when injured. Oh and my back pain has returned. I'm certain it is from wrenching on the wife's bike. I haven't had back pain since the summer and I took for granted that it wasn't around. I am pretty sure some stretching will solve it. Nothing critical, just annoying all day long.

Moving forward, I'm into the final Set before Around the Bay race. I have 3 weeks of maintenance and 1 week of taper left. I'm going to have to offset my lack of running cardio work with bike or something else I think. We'll see if I decide to run this week.

WEEK 19 TOTAL (Set 5, Week 4 - Base Build, Recovery Week)

Swim: 1:25hrs
Bike: 4:00hrs
Run: Nil
Strength: 1:30hrs

TOTAL: 7:00hrs


  1. I got a pretty bad injury last winter from running on the snow/ice. It was not consistent foot fall and every step was in a weird position.

    I would bet that has something to do with your injuries too. I was out for about 3 weeks last year.

    Be smart.

    I run in the streets because they are plowed. Its all pavement (which I HATE) but they are clear and you can dodge cars easier than dodging injuries from crappy running surfaces. Just saying, some people have no problems running on slanted ice and packed snow, I do. Seems like you do too.

    Don't be stupid. That is my motto this year. Might want to adopt it :)

  2. I agree with Matty. The more running I do the less tolerance I have for crappy icy crapness. It's just not worth hurting yourself over the winter for spring and summer races.

    The Bay kicks ass, we all better have an ass for it in 4 weeks (less a day). OMG I'm going to die.



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