Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Embrace It

I don't remember being this sore after my Ironman 70.3 last year. I probably just forgot about the pain, but here I am post Around The Bay Race 30Km Run and I feel like I just did a 1/2 Ironman! Ouch!
Get back to training.
It is just muscle pain.
I really can't complain though. The majority of the 'bad' pain is coming from my hips/joints. The muscle pain I can deal with. I'm happy to say I do not feel any injuries though so I think I got out of this one clean! Yay body! No shin splints, no IT Band, no foot pain - just good old 'I gave it everything I had' soreness.

Having said that, I took Monday off of work. I got out of bed, took one look at the stairs and said 'phuck that' and went back to bed. I am glad I didn't go because just hobbling around the house was killing me. I decided to hit the pool in the evening because I know swimming makes everything better. I only stayed for half the scheduled workout since I stressed my body out enough the day before with dehydration and fatigue. It was nothing but a light splashing of the water and getting my range of motion back. Stretching in water feels so good! I slept like a baby that night!

As a bonus, a package arrived in the mail finally! Unfortunately I got dinged for duty charges, which is not normal since I've had 20 other packages come in without a problem. My guess is that this package contained said 'clothing' on the description? I am just guessing here, but regardless there wasn't any actual clothing in it.  I ordered a new swim mask, same make and model that I bought from Training Payne. I prefer swim masks over goggles since they fit my warped face better, and I like the tinted glass. Also, I picked up a set of Ultegra SPD pedals to go with those Specialized Carbon Pro Road shoes I got at the bike show. This means the wife can have my Shimano SPD's and she can stop compalining about not knowing how to clip into the LOOK cleats. I pretty certain it's user error but she insists the pedals suck. Either way, problem solved! I just have to install/swap everything now. The hard pard is getting the cleat into a comfortable position. There is so much range on this cleat design that finding the sweet spot will be difficult. I also grabbed a set of road tires for the training wheels. They are an ugly white colour but who cares, they are just training wheels. Luckily I put this order in with a coupon code so that helps offset the duty costs, but still. Annoying. In reality I probably just got lucky on the other orders and didn't get charged.

In reality I have to get over the whole sorness thing. Simon once tweet'd me some insight on his wicked training program that got him results, he said, "Just got to put the Km's in and embrace the pain". So it is time to stop whining about some sore mucles and get back to the training program. I am going to lay off the impact workouts but I will get back to bike and swim from here on in. How bad do YOU want it?!


Swim - 0:30hrs recovery


  1. Running races hurt more than triathlons IMO. Not sure why but they do! 116 days to get it done! Let's go!

  2. Agree man. Any running race you are in will hurt a ton more than any triathlon.

    We go out to the bar after a triathlon race and get burgers and beers. After a running race we go home and curl up in a fetal position because our stomachs are such a mess and our legs are just throbbing.

    Good luck as you start your journey!

  3. I love an easy swim after a long run!

  4. I think you run a lot harder in a stand alone run race than in a tri so it can hurt more in recovery. Congrats, it means you pushed yourself!

  5. agreed - my first and only 70.3 last year was tuff but I have had worse recovery from two half marathons in the past 6 months



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