Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Energy Waves

Well hello there. I haven't been here in awhile, I forgot how much I kinda sorta miss this place in a sick twisted kind of way.

Yes, I paid a visit to the Hurt Locker.

Last night's swim had me blowing bubbles like mad. I swim conanstant 1:40min/100m and dipped down to a 1:30min/100m from time to time. I was on fire! That felt great to finally take the water wings off and test my swim out. I didn't go all out but I wasn't in my comfort zone either.
Sure enough I slept like a baby last night. Every muscle in the body was spent and I got the deepest sleep I've had in awhile. I felt pretty water-logged too, I'd swear I had chlorinated water leaking out every orfice of my body.

I woke up ENERGIZED. Coming of the high of a great workout I continued to ride the energy wave onto the bike. On the weekend I pushed hard but nothing like this morning. I went deeper into the burn and pain zones than I ever have since I started the training program. I have never sweat so much on my trainer before, it was disgusting lol. Maybe next time I'll turn the fan on, but I didn't want to stop and get up to turn it on. I just pushed harder instead.

The recovery week obviously did it's job. Perhaps subconciously I'm trying to make up for my lack of running too. I'm not going to hold back on this week though, it's my last true hardcore week before I need to throttle back for Around The Bay.

Manage the Pain
Tonight I am going to try to run. The pain in my foot is still there. I read that it can take as much as 6-12 months to go away. I just dont have that long. The roads are clear right now so it's a good opportunity to test out my foot. The discomfort may be manageable, we'll see. I stretch every 15 minutes, ice 4 times a day and oops I forgot to take my anti-inflamatory this morning. There, fixed now. I tape it up at night, what a difference that seems to make!  I'll make a doctors appointment tomorrow. I just want to see how I feel on my jog first.


  1. Killer swim man!

    All I got from this post is that your second toe is freakishly HUGE!

    Be smart. If it hurts bail on the run. Simple.

    You won't lose any fitness for about 2 weeks is what I have always been told.

  2. Great stuff. Recovery weeks rule!

    Although I feel that the HTFU is squarely directed at me. Good. :D

  3. MO - Nooo not the toe again. I have a sensitive about my 'big' toe. The wife teases me all the time. Meanie! lol

    CDN - hah! I thought the same thing about me. I guess we all can't help but feel a bit guilty reading that sign lol! :)

  4. You are NUTS!! lol

    But GFC is Google Friend Connect, the little box with all my followers, where is yours??

    Sorry about the foot. :)

  5. I has a GFC now! I dunno what it is but hey, if Katie says its good enough for her, then its good enough for me! hah!

  6. bail on ATB. its not worth it, there's always next year (i've missed it twice) however the same can't be said for IMLP

    nice swim time, you beat me today. i got down to 1:40 per 100s

  7. J, nice job on the swim, awesome times, your definitely kicking my ass with those times. Good luck with the foot, take it easy, lots of time to build for IMLP




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