Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 22 Review

After a week off sick, I was feeling strong and looking forward to getting back to the training program. I decided to play it safe and not do early morning workouts while my body both adjusts to the Daylight Savings Time as well as fights off any remaining illness.
That meant willingly sacrificing a short-pool swim in favour of a long bike in the middle of the week to make up for the missed mornings. It felt pretty good actually, with the exception that it took my entire evening and it felt like I came home, quickly ate, biked and went straight to bed with no relaxation. I felt rushed.
The week would have been perfect if I nailed that long bike on Sunday, but after spending the day at a Funeral, I felt like I would rather spend the rest of the day with my wife rather than endlessly drooling on a long 3hr bike trainer. Alone.
Overall I can't complain since I'm healthy, loved and the luckiest man alive! This week coming up is taper week for my big Around the Bay Race, 30Km run, so I'll be taking it easy. Again, no early mornings this week. Just keeping loose and focused on the task ahead.

I look forward to the big race, but I look forward even more to the training on the other side. After ATB I get to ramp up my cycling and pound out some crazy mileage! I can't wait! ATB marks the end of me concentrating on the run, and marks the beginning of the strong Cycling phase. Swimming will wait until closer to June.


Swim - 1:00hrs (Short kiddy pool)
Bike - 3:00hrs
Run - 3:10hrs

Total - 7:10hrs


  1. I am still laughing about the Chrissie exchange haha.

    keep in mind, you still need to finish the marathon to be an ironman ;) haha. I agree with focussing on the swimming later. Right now is just not that beneficial.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I can't to cheer you on this weekend. You are going to KILL it!! OMG so excited!!

  3. week 22 of ??

    def exciting to have a race weekend upcoming
    lots of you Canucks run that 30k ive seen it on several blogs

    great news ur feelin better!




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