Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Forecast

yes. Yes. YES!

The weather forecast magically cleared up and Saturday looks to be perfect riding conditions. It will be the first real ride on my new TT bike so do I be safe and conservative with a 60km ride? 100km ride? I normally do not advertise a specific kilometer number ahead of time but in this case - screw it, lets go the full 100 Miles (160km). I got the route picked out, now I just have to get the bike off the trainer and make sure all the bolts are tight and I have to figure out what to wear and eat and drink and I seemed to have forgotten how to ride outdoors as it has been so long!

I'm confident that my neck will hurt, shoulders will be sore and I will be cursing the aero position long before the halfway point of the ride but its crunch time, literally. Time to learn the aero position. Riding aero indoors on the trainer is nothing like open road. I haven't been fooling myself, I know its not the same. Next week I begin strength training for the aero position, I really should have started this earlier but oh well. Instead of swapping my training tires, I'm going to go out on my race wheels. Its not windy out and I want to watch them spin. I gotta get my moneys worth here!
Last night I tweaked my calf. 5km into my run I felt something rip and had some pain. I just backed right off and ran with the wife for the last 6km. It was tough not running up front with the big dogs and I struggled to hold myself back and not join them. Luckily my wife was there and I just enjoyed her company and the run without risking further injury trying to pour on speed. I'm ignoring the pain for now, I hope it clears up by Sunday's long slow distance run. It was nice to see my wife's run is coming together quite nicely. Actually I should join her more often because I'm pretty certain her pace is precisely what I'll be doing in my Ironman. I should practice it more.
Originally I was going to swim too, but I figure I would give my calf a chance to heal. I already put an extra swim in earlier in the week so it trades off just fine. It would have just been garbage miles anyways since I would be nursing my injury.


Run - 1:00hrs split speed/slow


  1. be careful on the ride distance with that calve.
    im happy you guys are getting off those stupid trainers though.

  2. Yeah, dropping that meathead attitude is tough. Took numerous injuries for me to finally give it up. Now I don't care what my pace is, just to be running is wonderful!

    Just a bit of advice, ease into the ride... don't hammer it just to see how blurry you can make the letters on your new tires haha.

    Have an awesome ride man!

  3. Seriously first ride out and you are going for 100!?!?!? WOW you are the man!

  4. Wow, that's hardcore to do a 100mi ride on your first ride out! I did a 1:15 TT non-stop in aero at the velodrome on Thurs night and my back/shoulders/neck were killing me! Good motivation to make next weekend's Oly tri bike split <1:15 right? :)

    Hope the new bike was glorious!

  5. How did it go??? My neck always burns like crazy when I start back on the TT bike. I'm so in love with my roadie that I do about 70% of my training on it and suffer on my long rides. It's worth it! Hope you had a phenomenal day. I only rode 30!

  6. And thanks for the comment on my old post about the bike crash. It feels like a lifetime ago, I went from being terrified of the bike to absolutely loving it. But every time I see the pics it feels like yesterday. I hope that was the lowest moment I'll have on a bike. I've already been hit by a car too so I'm all set for awhile :)



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