Monday, April 25, 2011

Orange Orb

Finally the warm weather kind of arrived in time for the long weekend. Warm, but very windy. I'll take it though! I put another 90Km TT ride in on Saturday which was an absolute blast! The ride was point to point with a tailwind all the way so it made for some juicy average speeds. That was alot of fun!
Being a long weekend I ate a ton of food. Saturday at my father's was the worst as I loaded up on chocolate and candy mostly. I didn't hold back at all, I even had a beer or two. At least Sunday's Turkey dinner was just food and no candy. I ate so much I thought I was going to explode. At least it wasn't candy!

No riding Sunday though. The weather was probably the best it has been all year - I wanted to ride but skipped it in favour of spending some time with the Mrs. LoTC. The next 3 weeks is full of some crazy training numbers so I figure I would cuddle and say our goodbyes until the next rest week at the end of May. This next set is going to hurt!

I skipped yet another run, this one being a long one. I dont feel the shin splint walking or day to day activities but I know once I start running again there will be a little something there. I can bike no problem and I never feel it at least. I will try a short easy run Tuesday night and gauge where I am with recovery. I've given it a solid week off, I really hope it has healed.


Bike - 3:45hrs
Bike - 2:45hrs
Run - Nil, rest due to injury

1 comment:

  1. I too had a monster 4 day relapse
    not good eating AT ALL!

    3months out starting yesterday
    lets do this!
    GL w/ your recovery and running - it will happen for you...




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