Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 25 Review

So here I am with the first full training week since the Around the Bay 30Km run race. I started the week off too strong and pushed too hard on the run leaving me at a snail pace for the remainder of the week. That is just me testing my limies. And finding them. Luckily no looming inuries to report. Everything seems to be as it should be.
Realistc Goal Setting
So the latest mantra is 'every second of every minute of every workout COUNTS against IMLP now, Now, NOW!'. So far it has been working for me, I'm getting it done.
One of the concerns in the back of my mind is a smidge of dissappointment over my pace. Namely the bike. Sure Saturday was the first outdoor bike but given how slow it was, I need to adjust my expectations for IMLP. As the training program progessed I nudged my expected finishing time down a bit every couple of weeks. Now I'm expecting much much longer than anticipated. Sure its a bit early, but I need to get realistic about a sustainable pace and not set myself up for disappointment. Of course the primary goal is to finish, but I had overly-optimistic time goals that need to be put in their place.
I know the rule of thumb is, enjoy the race and just finish it however I've been placing some pressure on myself to perform a certain finishing time. I need to reset mentally. I need to get faster on the bike. It was supposed to be my strength!

I was a bad boy this week. I deviated from the training plan an put way more bike in and slightly less run. I am going to try to stick to the actual plan this week or risk burning out or peaking too soon for IMLP. We'll see how I feel this week.

TRAINING: (Set 7, Week 2 - Performance Phase)

Swim - 2:00hrs
Bike - 9:00hrs (260Km)
Run - 4:00hrs (42Km)

TOTAL - 15:00hrs


  1. I never even thought of a time goal. Anything better than 16:59:59 is good enough for me :)

  2. I feel the same way about my IM time goals. I'm like, "wow I'm kicking butt in the pool!" But when I swam in open water for a measly 20 minutes last week I gasped for air and my HR spiked.... so I need to mentally adjust any sort of time goals I have to be more realistic. It's our first IM - I'll be happy just finishing!!

  3. Wait until you have your first race, even if it's a short one, in order to approximate how fast you really are. I was always amazed about how better my speed was in a race compared with a speed training session. I think the taper time and the extra motivation from the other participants makes a lot of a difference.

  4. And I quote:

    "You whine like a mule.

    Nobody cares how long it took you to finish an Ironman. You finished. Period. WIN!"

    It's a long day and things change by the minute. No matter what, you will be stupendous. Enjoy it - you'll feel like a rock star.

  5. Isn't the point of a plan to stick to it? If you don't stick to the plan, you are like a turd floating in a toilet: aimless and smelly.

    My goal is 16:59:59 as well.



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