Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 28 Review

I'm glad to be back at a full week of training! The week started out with thunderstorms and heavy rain but that did not deter me from getting it done. I had a soggy couple of days, I am so glad I got that Cyclocross bike because now I have no excuse to miss a ride due to weather. I can leave the clean tri bike at home and go beat up the cross bike on wet roads or muddy trails instead, this works out great!

The weather co-operated nicely by mid week and I hit some perfect workouts, including an extended ride on the trails during the best weather this year to date! I cut the first run of the week short to give me a chance to adequately guage the status of my shin splint. By the end of the week I was back running like normal. Small bit of tenderness present but no noticable pain. I'll just keep icing it and doing my alpha-foots (Thanks Anne-Marie!)

My long bike on the weekend was a tad bit weaker than I had in mind. I rode with some local triathletes for the first time and the pace was much slower than what I am used to. I am not complaining though, it was great having company and getting to know fellow tri-dorks. If anything this was a good lesson in how to pace myself properly, which is something I still struggle to learn. I followed the ride up with some bad eating and a late night watching UFC. I paid for it the next day and had a hard time getting out the door. I missed the nice weather in the morning and had to run through the rain in the afternoon as punishment so hopefully that will motivate me for next time I waver from getting up to do workout.

Looking forwad I see a desperate need to get Brick runs done. I still haven't done any, I've been lazy. I still haven't figured a routine to incorporate strength training either. One thing at a time though, those bricks need my full attention first!

TRAINING: (Set 8, Week 1 - Performance Phase)

Swim - 2:00hrs
Bike - 9:00hrs (226Km incl/ 105Km Cyclocross Trail)
Run - 4:00hrs  (40Km)

TOTAL - 15:00hrs (272Km)


  1. get on those bricks! both me and you
    good ride with the tri-dorks the pacing is key

  2. Those are some good numbers your putting up there. Way to go.

    And I just had to say thanks for the comments in my always make me laugh.

  3. Nice week, felt good to get back to it this week myself. I keep hoping the weather will get nicer and slowly but surely it is. Almost at the half way point, just over 11 weeks to go!



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