Friday, June 10, 2011

Duct Time

Blisters B Gone!
Its over, it is finally over!

That evil box of Chocolate Almonds in the lunch room has finally disappeared. Not without me doing my part though by devouring 7 boxes total, all by myself of course. *burp*

I'm also recovering from some rather nasty flesh wounds inflicted by my shoes the other day. OK, maybe it wasn't the shoe's fault so much as my own for trying to go out with no socks. I bore a big hole or two on my ankles where the skin is all gone. Nasty. Anyhow, bandaids are ok for walking around the office but running/biking requireds industrial strength adhesive. Duct tape. I put the duct tape over the bandaids laced with polysporin so I have a smooth surface for the shoe to rub against and it also completely protects the wounds. Works wonders!

Another? I'm cursed.
I also almost witnessed an accident yet again yesterday. In the past month I have been a mere seconds away from some real nasty motor vehicle accidents. They seem to happen within 10-15 seconds of my arrival, and sometimes they happen with me standing right there but I didn't actually witness the event. I think this is number 8 already! Its horrible! I think I'm cursed! I try not to look, I dont want bloody images engrained on my memory.

I missed posting yesterday, I completely forgot. It has been that kind of week. Time is in short supply lately. The training program doesn't leave much room for 'life' so I am beginning to have a hard time keeping track of things. If it wasn't for Mrs LTC I would be doomed right about now. We only need to survive a few more weeks of heavy training.

Long Run View
Wednesday night I put in one tough ride. It was more tough mentally than physically though. I thought I would try out a new route that looked good according to google maps but turn out to be a big phat lie. Dead ends, roads were not paved, construction and I got lost early on which didn't help. I wound up running out of daylight so the final trek home was a scary one in the dark. Its better that I explore new roads on my road bike rather than the TT bike. The TT bike is not as forgiving when I hit rocky rural roads.

So Thursday night I had to throw yet another wrench into the training program. This weekend's race does not sit well with my plan. I have a long bike and a long run to do, but the race is Early Sunday morning. I'm not overly worried about my performance at the race, I am not going there to race seriously but to just go through the motions and remember how to transition etc. After all I haven't done a triathlon in 8 months eh! Regardless, I didn't want to run after the race since I would probably be tired and sore. I also didn't want to run the day before the race since I would be tired and sore for the race. Instead I moved my long run to last night and put in two big bikes in for the weekend.

Last night's run was beautiful. I had to outrun some incoming weather by the end but overall I love the heat! The hotter it is, the better I feel. It's like being wrapped in a warm blanket and I feel right at home! I had lots to think about on my run so it went by real fast. I try not to think about stressful things on my run, although it would help if I did because then I could sort out plans on how to tackle things and organize my days. Instead I focused on happy thoughts and motivations/inspirational thoughts. This sure makes the long runs not so tough. I had to mix up my running technique to accomodate some aches and pains, but I think I am finally getting a hang of what is causing my pains and then how to fix them through adjusting my posture and stride. I had a successful run.
Training Partner.
He's a bit too fast for me though...

Damn, he's pulling on me!
Outrun the Weather!
Big hill in front of me to outrun said weather!
So that leaves Friday as a rest day, Saturday as a long bike, Sunday morning for a standard distance Triathlon, and then after the race I'll put in another long bike assuming I can still walk. Even though I am showing up to the race fatigued and no taper, I still expect to push myself hard. I'm not used to fast running so I have to be care to not hurt myself. Afterall I have an Olympic distance tri the next weekend. Plus I still have to keep all the training up! No time for injuries!


Bike: 02:30hrs
Run: 02:30hrs (24km)


  1. way to go on the candy bars, I knew you wouldn't let us down!

    I think its fine to speckle a few tris in the training. Great speed work and like you said, practice your transitioning out there.

    The race is coming fast, keep up the good work!

  2. You should be worrying 'cause you're going to suck.

  3. Nice day of training. impressive.

  4. Maybe the whole hot-weather-love thing has something to do with your 1% body fat?



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