Friday, June 3, 2011

GI Swim

Eating on the go has been a challenge lately. Mrs. LoTC used to make our meals on the weekend and then we would heat them up on-the-go during the week. Unfortunately she has been slacking so there has been a bit more fast-food indulging than normal. I could use the extra calories, so I can forgive her for slacking. For now. :)

Pittock Lake
Anyhow last night I got home and had 20 minutes to pack my Swim & Run gear, eat dinner and get to the lake for another OWS. To my surprise I had a package awating pickup at the postal station, so that will take some time to grab which means I will not be eating dinner at home. Instead I picked up the package and grabbed a slice of pizza to eat in the car on the way to the swim. I knew I should have opted for making  Peanut Butter & Jam sandwhich, I do that regularly and know my stomach is fine with it but I am kind of sick of sandwhiches. They hold me over until 9pm at which time I can finally have a real meal. Makes for long nights. Anyways while grabbing the pizza I couldn't resist the bag of doritos and a bottle of powerade. I wolf'd down the food in the car on the way to the swim and thought nothing of it. I eat pizza before bike rides all the time, so there shouldn't be a problem.

In the water I felt great! I swam hard and smooth. On the way back I did some speed work into the waves. I went to sight the shore and a wave literally went straight down the pipe. I didn't even swallow the water, it just flowed right through me and got caught in my stomach. Alot of water. I didn't cough or choke, I just kept swimming. I'm pretty calm in the water so I don't panic when things like that happen. It may be different in a mass start but honestly I feelt great in the water. 3Km later and I was way ahead of the pack. I stood up to get out of the water and then it hit me - ugggghhh my stomach! And it was a weird feeling, it was literally in my stomach, up high in my body and not lower in my gut. I keeled over holding my stomach. I could barely walk without pain. A sharp pain, I felt green and felt like I may need to vomit.

I very slowly got changed into my run gear. Luckily we spent a bit more time in transition looking for a lost car key while I waited on my tummy to get with the program. I could barely walk, I didn't want to puke but I think I should have. I could tell the entire slab of pizza was stuck in my stomach, nothing had moved and it has been over an hour! The lake water didn't help. Last week I had GI issues after swimming in that water. I think it's not very clean water.

Anyhow I tried to run but couldn't. It was too painful, but I wanted to give it 20 minutes of HTFU. I ran with a new found friend that was kind enough to pace me. Everyone else ran ahead and I stay with my new friend. I tried to talk but it was more of a low whisper of broken words. I grit my teeth and bared the pain. Luckily she was just doing the short run because I couldn't go no further. I figured it would pass but it simply did not get any better. 30 minutes later and back at my truck I could barely drive it was so bad. I called the wife and looked for sympathy but there was none to be had. I was on my own. Every minor bump in the road felt like a knife to the stomach. I had the window down and was ready to vomit while stopped in the middle of the road. Ohhh it was bad. In 32 weeks of training I haven't had any GI issues, so this was strange.

I made it home, and after passing dangerous levels of toxic fumes I started to feel better. I curled up on the couch with the wife and let it pass. I'm still guessing it was the pizza, but usually I do good with pizza. The wife immediately complained about the lake water smell eminating from me. She could smell the water it was so foul. I could not smell it, I dont know what she is talking about. The lake is known for ummm questionable water quality but this early in the season shouldn't be a problem. Oh well, eventually I felt better and had a half sub before bed.

I'll stick to the PB&J next time. I promise. I am not too fond of pizza today. I dont even want to think of it. Just the same I should probably eat less before a swim too. I should try to find another water hole because this water might not be agreeing with my health. I'll scope out Gullivers lake next week then.

Oh - and the package I picked up at the postal station?   - The wife's new wetsuit!

Swim: 1:00hrs Open Water
Run: 0:30hrs GI pain from hell, cut short

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  1. leave it to you to find the germ infested water to swim in.

    I have had those days, nothing helps. You have to just sit and suffer through it. What I have found helps, go to bed and sleep it off.



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