Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strangers and Macca

It's not like me to wing-it but I wanted to seize an oppotunity. I met Steve at the finish line of Welland Half-Iron last Sunday. He is also doing IMLP for the first time too and after chatting for 20 minutes he invited me to join him and a couple others to pre-ride the IMLP course THIS weekend. haha. Sure why not, I hardly know him, haven't met the others and have little to no plan other than to drive to IMLP and wing it. I know for sure we're doing the 2 laps of the bike course, 1 loops of the run couse and a good 2000m swim. Other than that, no idea. lol! I love the tri-world! You meet some really good people (I hope haha!). I usually plan stuff like this down to every last detail with backup plans, alternates and schedules. So for me to just ummmm 'go with some guy to the States and camp and stuff' reminds me of our mountain bike race teams from years ago. We would just cram 10 guys into a single hotel room and 2 cars and overloaded bike racks just to get to the races. Nowadays nobody does that anymore at my age, everyone wants a 5 star hotel and a shower. Wussies. Where's your sense of adventure!? lol.
If you don't hear back from me by Monday, just keep an eye out for my body on the side of the course on July 24. lol

Got a book to read for the drive up too - "I'm Here To Win!", Macca's book. I only ready a few pages and am already loving it!

Oh I may have underestimated the damage to my body after that Half-Iron. I joined our running group for a recovery jog last night and it was a rude awekening. My hip has some nasty pain that made me hold back. I ran through it and by the 4km mark it felt like it loosened up or beat down the inflamation a bit and was able to at least muster up a 6:00min/km pace. I was hurting. By the end it was warmed up enough that I could now walk on it and not feel as much pain as earlier in the day so maybe I did what was necessary to loosen it up or something. I really dont get it.
When I got home I jumped into our cold pool. It was really cold, but I forced myself to stay in it and work my hip. I sure hope this clears up by the weekend!


  1. Unplanned, low key training weekends are often the best! Have a great time...

  2. Good luck and have fun! I expect a full report so when I pre-ride it I know what to look for :)

    Oh and that book is awesome! 1/2 through now, great advice, great stories, great insight!

  3. That's what I love,too, about the tri community. Everybody is so friendly.

    As you know, I did an IMLP training camp, too, last year. For me it helped a lot knowing the bike course in advance. Especially the descent into Keene, which can be quite scary if you do not know what to expect after the next turn.

    Hope you'll fully recover and have a great time there. It's a really nice little town.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Hope your body cooperates!

    Have fun!

  5. sounds like a spontaneous fun weekend! have fun!

  6. The training weekend sounds awesome! Have a blast.

    And as far as cramming record numbers of athletes into hotel rooms... I had to laugh at your comment because I'm doing a stage race in a few weeks and there are 6 of us (age range 27-38) splitting a standard double room. $22 each - can't beat that, though it should be an experience!

  7. Have fun, LP is one of my favorite places on earth!

  8. Looking forward to your report from your training weekend at LP.




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