Friday, June 3, 2011

Week 32 Review

This was following a super recovery week, so I aimed to catch up on my training and erase some 3lbs of gained weight. We ate like kings and drank like fish at the cottage, but now that I was well rested and well lubed it was time to get back at it!

Toughest week yet. The numbers seem a little short, it should be closer to 17hrs but I can assure you the quality and intensity of those workouts were mind blowing! Two half-marathon training runs in the same week! Now that was cool considering I could barely run half that distance 32 weeks ago!

I found a local triathlete swimming group that welcomed me into the fold. I did quite well on the swim but subsequently they crushed me on the run. I kept up but they were clearly on another level of running than I was. I followed up the fastest run of my training program with the fastest bike of my life! A road ride that left me on the verge of collapse. It was only 4hrs, but there wasn't a moment that went by that my legs didn't burn. I was aiming for a 7hr ride but I couldn't go no further. I'll chalk that up as a successful workout! I haven't broke myself down like that in awhile. I felt great the next day and ran the Toronto Womans Half-Marathon with the wife. More on that later, I still have to put a race report together.

Moving forward, I need to make time to maintain these big training numbers. I only need to endure another month of endless training so I have to make the best of it! I really enjoy these open water swims and have officially sworn off swimming in a pool. Whatever it takes - I am only swimming open water from here on in! Screw the pool!


Swim: 1:45hrs
Bike: 7:30hrs
Run: 5:00hrs

Total: 14:00hrs

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