Friday, November 11, 2011

Maybe I Can

Matty-O said he missed the Kittehs
It's cold and raining outside.

I'm going to run on the trails anyways though! :)

Last night I stopped by the local running store to pick their brain over the Sulphur Springs Trail Run Race course in May. I've been torn between doing the 50Mile race or the 50Km race. I've never run that far in my life, nevermind 7000++ vertical feet of climbing. The guy at the shop was more than helpful, he cleared up my misunderstanding of the poorly written map. I now know the race course and we chatted for a good 30 minutes on logistics and race rules. It was great! I'm feeling much more confident that I may be able to do the 50 Miles. Just in case that's a false sense of confidence, I am going to join them for training runs beginning in December. They run a loop of the race course every weekened. Wow. That's a 3.5hrs loop! EVERY weekend! Ouch, sounds painful but I'll be running with some hardcore Ultra runners and as long as I can keep up - I will nag them until they divulge all their trade secrets. Hopefully I can keep up! Hopefully I dont die before the end of the loop!

So thats why it's more important than ever to get some solid training runs in. I need to be ready to go hardcore come December! All or nothing at this point. I hope I can handle running with them, I could use the help.

Yesterday I cheated. I managed to get my early morning bike in, but I moved the evening's run to tonight. I took my son to an I.T. Professional group meeting to introduce him to the world of Geek. This where the network and infrastructure guys share knowledge with each other. My son is going to school for Network Engineering and Security so it wouldn't hurt for him to hear some real world experience. It was suprisingly a good time, but a very long night. After talking so much, my throat hurts. Coupled with less sleep than usual and some cold wet weather running, I hope I can avoid gettting a cold!


  1. I too miss the cat pictures....about as much as the Titanic misses icebergs lol

  2. Very cool. Keep me posted when you go in December, I wouldn't mind doing one loop just for shits and giggles to see what the course is like. Still can't believe your hard core serious about doing it. Good on you.


  3. Not another "ultra runner" fag. Anyone can half walk those paces all day. If you run this distance then that will mean something... otherwise you are just another 9 or 10 minute mile hippie running on their trails.

    Wait a second... did the cats return!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Regardless, the long training will be a great base for your build next year, just don't go hugging trees and worshipping nature now ok?



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