Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rest Day

Friday rest day was much needed. Fran built a fire out back and we drank ceasars, beer and baked potatoe chips. I've been fighting hunger all week. I've been trying to snack healthy but it's just so hard. As a PFG (Previous Fat Guy) I am used to greasey potatoe chips and cola. I've changed my diet dramatically in the past 12 months. For once in my life I'm actually eating fruits and vegetables. I still eat alot of pizza, but I doubt that will ever change. I grew up on pizza. I could eat pizza 7 days a week and never get bored of it. As long as the scale doesnt start tipping the wrong way, I'm going to continue with my snacking. At work I'll have coffee to 'fill' me up, but I have a hard time concentrating as the effects of caffeine are strong. I dont know if decaf coffee fills you up the same or not? Regardless, for the days I didn't want to have a coffee rush I've been eating fruit salad and peanut butter wheat bagels. Hey, it's better than chips! :)

It was cool out, and with my feet by the fire I got a nice outdoor sleep in under a blanket. It's so quiet in this city! Now, if only the rain would hold off I can get a bike ride in today (Saturday).

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