Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rainy day Plan B

You know the weather has been less that stellar when the pool is overflowing. At least it saves me from topping up the pool on the water meter :)
Given the weather I didn't want to risk a long bike ride so we made a trip to the pool instead. I wasn't too impressed that I can't get any pic/video of the pool area as they ban picture taking devices. Maybe I could understand that they dont want pervs shooting children, or maybe they dont want a video record of a lifeguard saving someone and messing up. Regardless of the reason, if they are going to have a rule then they should damn well enforce it. After getting into the pool area I think it was the last day of swimming lessons or something because parents, about 7 of them, were clearly taking pictures of teh children in the water. I think I'll bring the vid camera and just take my chances. I wouldn't mind getting video of my stroke, it might help with technique to review it.
My entire life I've always breathed to my left side only, but at long distances it takes a toll on my neck. And I was begining to see the muscles on one side developing more than the other. Anyhow this was the first time I go into a comfortable rythem breathing to both sides. Ironman Muskoka is only about 2000m so I'm feeling pretty confident about my pace, bar any kicks in the head. I've never had my goggles fall off in the water yet so I don't know how calm I would stay. The one thing I was thinking about today was that it will be a welcome break to get out and walk a short bit halfway through the IM Lake Placid swim loop. You have to walk over the timing mat which means my arms will have a short break. I don't need much but it will be welcome! I know it!
My run was less than stellar. My calves are extremely tight and I could feel the light pain from 'shin splint' immediately. Apparently Thursdays longest run of my life has taken it's toll. I kept my pace short and sweet and knocked a few km off the planned distance. No sense over-doing it now. I'll try again Monday.

Next week is SUPA' HARDK0RE MOUNTAIN BIKE vacation. We're hitting the most technically demanding trails in Ontario, plus we're pre-riding IM Muskoka road course. It'll be a week of pain. I'm hoping we come out injury free, these trails are very dangerous. Because of this, I won't get a swim in and I doubt I'll do a run so Monday's run can bring the pain as I have time to recover. As tight as my calves are, or painful the shin splints are, they do not affect my cycling at all. Completely different muscle use. Thankfully. Mountain biking takes highest priority of any of my activities. Interfere with my mountain biking and I stop running completely. I'll adjust those priorities when the snow comes.

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  1. Take it easy on the running. Don't over do it, your just getting back at it. Relax, everything will be fine, IMLP is a year away. And one last, important note, use "teh" spell check. haha



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