Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So it begins...

My first blog post EVAR, and I'm still stitting here staring at a blank screen wondering where I should start.

Still staring...

Ok well, I guess I need some objectives. Obviously I want to chronicle my training. Something to look back on a year from now, no wait, 360 days from now - OH MY GAWD - mini anxiety attack just kicked in. 360 days is too soon! So. Much. To. Do. *PANIC*

Well, I never thought it would happen. I managed to get registered ONLINE for Ironman Lake Placid. I thought at the time, that's impossible considering the number of people trying to get into the event hammering the website at the same time. Sure enough the site crashed a good four times before I got to the payment screen. The questionaire on page two is a joke. They ask MANDATORY questions like "who's my local newspaper(what's newspaper?!) and "Closest Television broadcaster" is. I made sure I answered all mandatory questions with.... THE LETTER *N*. I didn't want to waste time answering dumb questions so I just populated the field so it would leave me alone. I didn't know if it meant missing out on being the first to hit the submit button. I wish they were more clear as to whether I was *IN* at the questionaire, or *IN* after payment. Regardless, until payment took - I wasn't taking a chance.


So stage 1 of Ironman Lake Placid was the race to the registration line. It was a tough race, I would like to thank all those who lost. I'd like to thank QoS & Traffic shaping for ensureing my PC had the highest priority and bandwidth available for registration. I would also like to thank for allowing me to open four different registration screens before the main page link crashed and burned. I was lucky to have already been past that crashed page when the site hung on me so I could just start again. :) Ok, so I got lucky.

After I got the message confirming registration, the first thought that went through my mind was "OH MY GAWD, WHAT HAVE I DONE???!!". Seriously.

So back to my objectives:
- chronicle of my training
- something to keep my training honest, others are 'watching' if I miss workouts
- weekly posts at worst
- ignore the spelling nazis
- keep it mostly tri-themed. I've always contemplated starting a tech blog (I'm an I.T. Pro) but there's enough self-proclaimed geniouses out there, the world don't need another.
- Not spend 2hrs writing every blog post. I tend to analyze every email and written communication... ok so I failed this round but cut me some slack, its my first blog post EVAR!
- Need to learn how to use blogspot. Not user friendly, or maybe I'm just dumb.
- Not write so many objectives.

Ironman Lake Placid, here I come.


  1. Yay, lookit you, yer a blogger.. that's fantastic! I have linked you on my page (thanks for the link here) and can't wait to read about your tri-training. Please post many injury photos so I feel better about myself. And watch out for those gear thingys, they are dangerous!

  2. congrats on starting the blog and getting into IMLP. I wish you well in your training. I hope you suffer continously. hahaha.



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