Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anniversary, Birthday, Toys!

What a crazy week to come back to work from a week of vacation. I've practically been going non-stop. Wednesday was my birthday AS WELL as our 3 year wedding anniversary. Yes, they were the same day - she stole my birthday! That's ok though, as in theory I should be getting twice as many gifts that day right?? The traditional anniversary gift on the third year is 'something leather'. Yes, I could think of many things leather that I could get her, but non of them G-Rated so instead we kept it simple and exchanged shoes! She got some really high-end road cycling shoes to go with the Look pedals we found in my parts stash, and I got a pair of Asics running shoes! I'm still waiting for the shoes to arrive, I'm excited about getting out of these 5 year old addidas no-names. I know you're not supposed to run in shoes that old, but I can assure you they got little to no use - did I mention I hate and suck at running? Well I'm not hating running as much now that I have a cool new toy! To go with those shoes, she got me a Garmin Forerunner 305, running socks and a Livestrong shirt! I've been taking my Edge 305 cycling GPS with me on runs so I can review the data afterwards, but I really need to see my heart rate and pace real time. I wasn't able to read the Edge305 as it was stuck in my pocket. So sure enough the next morning I was up at 5:30am, slapped the snooze button a few times, but eventually did get up to go play with my new toys! It was easy programming the ForeRunner305 as I already understood the menu's from the Edge. The only thing I'm still tweaking is what fields to show on each screen. I found out this morning that I use the lap button alot and would like to review my last lap easier. I haven't verified but I think this unit will pair up with my speed/cadence sensor on my bike too. I prefer the size of the display on the Edge, so I'll definitely keep using that for the bike, plus the altimeter is more accurate. This morning's run felt great! I have had a couple extra rest days.. ok, I slacked big time and missed some workouts due to weather, work, life and laziness. Oh I felt so guilty so I forced myself out of bed this for the run. It was a long run, which is usually reserved for weekends, but I deserved to be punished for my slacking. Surprisingly my shin splints hardly bothered me. And Post run, I feel great. I think I'm slowly working through these noob muscle pains. Surely this is not enough in time for Muskoka, but I can appreciate what little progress I've made! All this is moot of course, as we had gone to Tucker's Marketplace for our anniversary dinner and absolutely pigged out on all you can eat. I'm so bad. Although I did kind of eat healthy... well maybe not really. Oh well, whatever. We also exchanged cards with the standard page long hand-written love note. I would prefer to type it on a computer and print it out as my handwriting is practically encrypted - I'm the only one that can read it. I think she just smiles and nods politely, there's no way she can read that chicken scratch! Computer printer notes dont carry the same personal touch, so I suffer the hand cramps and still do it by hand. We also went and seen the movie Inception. Different. Today's awkward moment is brought to you by the big boss - I brought Tim the Beaver along for our anniversary lunch date, and while in the elevator the CEO pulled tim out of my pack pocket and everyone wondered why I had a stuffed animal beaver in my pants lol. Yup, awkward. Tim the Beaver is one of those stories that no matter how hard you try, you can't get the point across as you had to be there to experience it. Tim is our symbol of something special. Tim absolutely LOVES Fran. ;)

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  1. Nice go on the running, see you will always be faster than me which means I win!! I keep thinking about getting the Garmin, what do you think of it?

    Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and all that.



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