Monday, August 9, 2010


And here it is. The first slacker day to post on the blog. Yes, I skipped Sunday's long run. Without making excuses, I simply just didn't do it. My hamstrings are very sore from an epic mountain bike ride, but it shouldn't have stopped me from running. We just relaxed around the house and did pretty much nothing. On the plus side my snacking was reasonable and I didn't gorge on any sweets. I tell myself that the mountain bike ride I did deserved a recovery day as it was 5+ hours with a ton of climbing! On the other hand, I'm so behind on my running performance that I need every single one of my workouts. I can't afford to miss my run! Did I mention I suck at running? It's hard to measure up a mountain bike ride against a road bike ride. A 5 hour road bike ride is plenty reasonable which should get you close to 100miles-ish. There's no reason why I wouldn't run the next day. A 5 hours mountain bike ride, in my mind, is the equivalent of a 130mile road ride. Add in some hefty climbing and you could easily say it's closer to 145mile road ride. Is it equivalent though? Obviously it's a different kind of training as your heartrate spikes on the uphills and drops on the descent. There's a ton more strength training of the entire body with rocks and roots and technical obstacles to overcome. The day after a 140 mile road ride should warrant a rest day by anyone's standards, right? I guess I'm trying to rationalize the unplanned epic mountain bike ride against followed with an unplanned rest day. Regardless, it is done. I'll just have to do the long run Monday night. After pre-driving the run course of IM Muskoka I now know for certain - I'm in over my head! No matter what I do, I'm in for a world of hurt. I can't run! And time has run out...

WEEK 3 SUMMARY (Cycling Vacation week)

Cycling: 15+ hours
Swim: Nil
Run: Nil

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