Monday, August 2, 2010


You can work up a surprising amount of sweat and upper body workout just cleaning bikes! In preparation for our cycling trip, I stripped my drivetrain on both bikes. It's easier to remove the chain and let it soak in degreaser. Ditto for the cassette. I didn't take apart my bottom bracket this round, because I did that last week. Looks like new now :)
I was hoping to go for a run today, but I can feel that my shin splint is almost healed. I don't feel like over-doing it now, especially since the next few days are going to include some hardk0re cycling. For instance, tomorrow we're hitting Porcupine Ridge in Gravenhurst. Imagine trails with large boulders, jagged rocks, exposed granite wall climbs, near vertical granite ridge drops, teeter-totters and skinny bridges spanning 10ft drops. Yes, this is going to be so much fun!! Assuming we don't kill ourselves, I'm also hoping to squeeze in a night ride at Torrance Barrens. This is nothing but a huge area of exposed Canadian Shield. It's almost like road riding, but offroad. It's a dark sky reserve so this should yield some of the most rewarding night riding EVAR! Fran's a little nervous about running into wildlife so we'll be bringing bear bells just in case. I'm more worried about a mechanical in the middle of nowhere. This trail is very hard to follow even in the daytime. Sure hope the GPS don't die on me this time! For Wednesday we're hitting Buckwallow. It's practically world famous mountain biking. It's just like Porcupine Ridge except it's toned down a few notches so your average mountain biker can handle it, but still fun. Thursday we're pre-riding the Ironman Muskoka course. I should be plenty beat up by then so I'm expecting a real slow pace.
I'm feeling a little guilty tonight. Endulged on some Chineese food last night, and then the left overs tonight. I doubt chineese food is very healthy, but it tastes sooo good. I'll just have to work it off this week!

Oh so here is my first chance to post my 'weekly training totals'. I should have done this yesteray lol

Running: 2hrs
Cycling: 6.5hrs
Swimming: 1.5hrs

Week 3 Total: 10hrs

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  1. Have a great time! Look forward to some updates and pictures and maybe even a sideways video.



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