Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Roads

Slept like a baby last night. I stayed up a bit later and I think that helped me have a deeper sleep. I'm finding that I can't sleep in no matter how hard I try. I'm on vacation, I shouldn't be getting up to goto work. What's up with that? If I had to goto work it would be really hard to get out of bed but on my days off I'm up no problem. I think I'll just drink more tonight, I'm sure that will do the trick. :)

I tried to hit the bike store today to pickup some chamois cream (butt butter) but the stores were all closed. All Brantford stores have weird hours. All the heat and cycling is catching up with me, I need something to smooth out the sandpaper chamois. All the shorts I bought at the spring bike show are already worn out. :( Tried out some new roads today to mix it up a bit. I must have been going the right way because I seen more roadies on this route today than I have the entire year. Usually I'll ride around Brantford/Cambridge/Paris but today I ventured over and did a loop closer to Hamilton. I welcomed the 35km/h winds as they kept me cool and I didn't overheat. I forgot that I was going out for a good 3 hours and didn't plan for somewhere to top up my water bottles. Again, the wind was nice :) Came out slow, ended strong. Tried to get the avg speed up over 30km/h but it just wasn't going to happen with that wind today.
The best part was coming home, striping my clothes off and jumping in the pool. The pool is colder than usual due to cool nights and a ton of rainwater. Sooo refreshing. Fran made us ceasars and we layed by the pool and tanned a bit. Well I tanned, she just burned more. She must have been out there awhile already. I'm not encouraging her to ride right now as I need her as fresh as possible for this week's supa' hardk0re mountain bike riding. It's going to require a great deal of strength to negotiate these trails. She can't run either, as her knee is still recovering. I figure by the end of this week she'll be one hurtin' puppy. I hope I don't break her too bad. :) She is one tough chick!
Tomorrow is packing for the cycling trip, cleaning the drivetrains on the bikes and making sure they're mechanically sound. We're taking both road and MTB as we'll be pre-riding Ironman Muskoka. I'm also taking the bike lights in the hopes we can squeeze in an offroad night ride at Torrance Barrens. TB is a dark sky reserve so I'm expecting a ton of stars and a wicked experience riding exposed Canadian shield. You'd have to see these trails to understand. I'll get some pics.

Excuse the audio in the video. I was cruising along at 30km/h and it was windy. My first VLOG on a moving bike.... I'm hoping to replace my corporate Windows Mobile Phone with an iphone, the video from those look so much better.

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