Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recovery Day

Friday rest day could not have come sooner. After a week of bone pounding technical riding, I need to let the bruises and cuts heal! This works out well as it gives us a chance to clean the drivetrains and check over the equipment. It looks like I'll need a new seat as mine is beginning to tear. Pretty good, it lastest quite a while which is rare for me. Fran's been eyeing the Look pedals I have stashed away in the cycling parts bin. I figure we'll pickup some shoes for her to fit them so she doesn't have to swap her pedals between bikes all the time.
Rest days also seem to be stuff my face silly with candy and junk food. I should really lay off the chips and sweets but as long as I'm not putting on weight I am not too worried about it. I burn enough calories through the week and eat reasonably well. Or at least leaps and bounds better than what I used to eat! While in Bracebridge we hit Marty's world famous coffee shop and came across the biggest apple pie I've ever seen. This thing was monstorous! It was $60 for the pie which should put it into perspective. Brian PFG could easily erase the 'P' with this pie. He's been known to devour 1000+ calorie apple pies with a side of full package of hot dogs (spider dogs to be percise). He's my hero! :)

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  1. That pie looks good.

    BTW, the verification word was Testu



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