Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DJ Chainring


Note - here is my Official Ironman Muskoka RACE REPORT - you are now reading the post post post post Post. Incase you missed it.

70.3 - is that a radio station? It never occured to me to look at it that way but I have heard this several times the last few days. People read the finisher's medal around my neck or golf shirt I'm wearing and they immediately connect 70.3 with a radio station frequency. Face meet Palm. On the other hand, it's my opportunity to educate them on the sport of triathlon and spread the gospel. It's interesting how after explaining what a 70.3 Ironman is, they return the favour by describing the toughest physical event they have ever partake'd in. Be it a 5Km run, walking the doggy twice around the block or the time they were on the highschool track team 20 years ago - everyone has a story they want to share. I immediately follow up those stories with a challenge of triathlon. Re-live the glory days and come do a try-a-tri! It's enough to plant the seed anyhow, in time it may grow into something great.

So the past couple days have been riddled with aches and pains. The typical sore muscles, hard to walk blah blah blah. I didn't lose any weight but I can tell I'm still retaining muscle repair water. I did notice a huge drop in registered body fat. The scale read a 1.6% decrease! I knew all that fatty storage would come in handy one day. I almost took yesterday off as a sick day but decided it would be best to get out and get moving. I arrived at the office to find it was a fire drill day. I'll gladly risk the burns than descend 11 floors of stairs with these legs. I pulled seniority as fire warden and opted for elevator duty to assist the elderly and disabled to safety. I think they were carrying me instead lol.

My plan to wear my finisher medal all week came to a halt this morning. It keeps banging against things and I don't want to break it. I'm thinking of doing a shadow box for the medal, shirt, hat etc. I'm still waiting for the photographer to send me a link to my photos. I hope they turned out.

I can't wait to get back running again. Yes, I wrote that. My goal is to improve my run over the winter. I'm looking for a long distance race in the spring. I think the 'local' runners den has organized running groups. I will wait to call as right now I'm still working on walking. I don't want to injure myself anymore than necessary. Then again, I don't want to go soft either.

To be honest I didn't think anyone read my blog. I started this thing as an open diary for myself to chronicle the journey to Ironman. In the end I'll make a book of it, kind of like Training Payne did. It's pretty nifty. Officially, I only have 1 follower registered. However apparently alot more people just stop in from time to time who haven't actually registered. I found this out the hard way as I slacked on the post race report and a barrage of unhappy customers showed up at the door with pitch forks and torches. Nice to see someeone cares :) Sorry about the late posts, please don't kill meh!

Disclaimer: I punked some of the above photo's off of Rodneys blog. I don't see a registered copyright so I'm sure they're free to scam. :)

Oh and somone asked what place did I finish. It was something like middle of the pack at best. 552/863 overall 6h:24min. I finished, nothing more, nothing less. :)

Oh and here is Craig Alexander's thoughts, 2 time defending Ironman World Champion. He won this weekend and I quote him:


  1. I'd officially follow you but I can't find the follow thingamajiggy. Awesome race report! I was thinking about you guys all day Sunday and so excited as the times would come in.

    You and Fran should do the Chilly half with me in Feb/Mar!!! My running REALLY REALLY sucks but I joined a running clinic so I can kick my own ass. haha

    whaddya say?

  2. Chilly Half for sure! Nothing gets you out running in the -20 February weather like a race at the beginning of March. This is the best site I've found for a listing of road races in Ontario...


  3. We are contemplating the Chilly half and we can all kick our own asses. lol
    I was just looking for the follow me thingmajiggy as well. I see 'follow me on Twitter' but I am not on Twitter. We want to follow you John! :)

  4. lookit you with all the anonymous followers. I never get anonymous people commenting on my blog. And I just now realized I am the only follower but I didn't do it through the page, I did it via my own blog (I think).

  5. Chilly Half? That sounds... Chilly! My Nipples get hard and chaffing ensues. I'll see what I can do.... That seems to be a popular one for sure!

  6. Come on, do the chilly, make the mrs. do it as well, heck how about the boys too!!

    Tell the mrs. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. John you need to buy her a new bike!!!! I mean it!



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