Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BronzeBoy YellowSocks

What do you call a Half Ironman Finisher?

While at the race I recall alot of people loosely using the word Ironman when refering to finishers. I believe finishing a full Ironman grants the use of the Ironman title, Yet people everywhere were calling each other Ironman. So where does that leave a Half finisher? The bronze age came before the Iron age so should it be Bronzeman? Ironboy? Or just plain Triathlete? I don't know, so I appeal to the experience of my readers to let me know your thoughts.

Back to my Race Report the other day. I conveniently left a small detail out of my blog as to not scare too many people away. Unfortunately my loving wife decided to share all the gorey details with the general population so there is some splainin' to du.
I would like to cite my side of the story - evidence suggests slow release is acceptable. It's common among pro atheletes even though that video seems rather disturbing. And of course, worst case if you can't make it to the next feed zone you can just pull a Bear Grylls.
So sure enough during my run I had the urge. Actually it wasn't much of an urge but I just couldn't wait for the next feed station. More importantly, I didn't want to lose my running partner that was pacing me. So I waited for the opportune time and let it flow. There is a first with everything and I had plenty of opportunities to fine tune technique. Like any amateur peeing while running I just let go way to much and damn that stuff flings everywhere! You know when you run with wet shoes and that stream of fluid flicks off the tip of your shoe when you kick your shoes forward? Yeh well its 1000 times worse than that as it comes off your top of your knee caps and splashes everywhere. Close your mouth. I was fortunate enough to have several chances to improve technique. With experience, I learned the slow release method to prevent splashage and flickage into the face. It's important to note, you have to look in both directions. Even though there is nobody behind you to see, you also have to distance yourself from the person in front of you too. It flings a good 10feet forward while running. oops, Sorry Dave, I'm sure that will wash out.
With my legs stiff as stilts after the race, my wife removed the shoes and socks. She mentioned something about everything being soaking wet. Doh! I forgot, sorry - if I remembered I wouldn't have let you touch them. Thanks anyways though ;)

On the training front, this is non-active recovery week. I really want to get out for a run but my hip is still sore. On the bright side my muscles are mostly repaired. Still pain in the middle of the calves.
We spent the evening watch Heroes Season 4 and I worked a bit on the computer. All while stuffing my face with countless slices of pizza and chocolate! I could get used to this.


  1. I like Bronzeboy Yellowsocks, has a nice ring to it! So I assume the pool story is the next post? LMAO!

  2. Jenn, you are awesome!!! Yes John, is the pool story next! LOL ;)
    Mrs. Lord of the Chainrings

  3. no no no no no.. TMI TMI!! First it was Rodney and peeing in his wetsuit, then Bryan and peeing in transition, then Mandy peeing on the run.. now you too!!

    You should totally buy the Mrs a bike JUST for taking off your socks, it's the only way to make it right. I suggest a Cannondale!!

    Not sure I want or need to know what happened in the pool.. will be reading while covering my eyes from now on.

  4. A new pretty bike for peeling those massively soaked, yellow, stinky socks off for him is TOTALLY well deserved! Great idea! :)
    Mrs. LOTC

  5. J: W.T.F. do you people talk about while at work that the pool story came up in a conversation?! Woman have no limits do they?!??! :)

    SSINAG: We do these sports just so we can pee ourselves, it's like re-living our childhood lol.

    Mrs: Do a 1/2 Iron and I'll buy you a bike. In the meantime, I have some socks that need laundered ;)



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