Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hillbilly Heaven

There was just a light sprinkle coming down as we lined up to the trough to get our protein fix. I asked for the no smoking section, but there was just no avoiding it. Ribfest 2010 is Canada's largest and we made the best of a wet one. After a couple racks we grabbed an elephant ear to round off the training session. The first set of ribs were perfect. Had some baked beans and coleslaw to round it off. The second set we got from a team from Louisville, Kentucky. We anticipate doing Ironman Louisville 2012 so we thought we could look these guys up and have ribs when we go down there. Although, on second thought - the ribs sucked. They were ediable, but the sauce was too sweet and there were 'green things' in the baked beans. Instead of coleslaw they had potatoe which on its own was stranged but if you mixed the beans with the potatoe it tasted 'ok'. I'll pass on the ribs in Kentucky. Perhaps they should stick to fried chicken? :)
The bad news is, I didn't get any exercise in again today and I'm feeling kinda blah. The good news is, I don't have to race tomorrow - but Fran does. Hah. We're just going to use the on-site race day registration. Fran has a tough time getting out of bed in the mornings so if the weather is still lousy or she still has the meat shakes then there's nothing lost is we skip the event. Just incase, I went and picked up some mommy-power-ups! Cow bells, check. Loudspeaker, check. Large plastic hand-clapper-flappers, check. Inflatable clappers, check. Large inflatable high-five hands, check. Yup, it's a woman's only tri so since I can't compete I might as well be a hardcore spectactor. The kids each made signs too. "Go Mommy Go!" and "Pass Her, PASS HER, PASSSSS HER!!". The latter might be more suitable for a mountain bike race rather than snob-tri-dorks but we'll made the best of it.
With no exercise today, I'm feeling soft. I must get out and at least do something tomorrow. I just spend the day working on the computer, then stuff my face silly at dinner, then went for a cruise in the car with the Mrs.. Appropriate for a Saturday of a long weekend.

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  1. I really hope you guys make it out.. I wanna see and hear the loud crew!



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