Friday, September 3, 2010

Week Plus One

Today's post has been brought to you by the number 8. With only 8 days to go, its ok to slack on my training right? I mean, anything I do now couldn't possibly gain me any benefit in time for a race 8 days out right? While I probably cannot gain anything, I am sure I could lose something. I've decided that I should eat 'well' and stretch daily to help relax my sore back in time for the race. I'll start this renewed sense of healthy eating by hitting Ribfest. It's the largest ribfest in the country, thus I will make sure it's my mission to meet my protein intake for the entire year in a single day. Or two. Last year I recall waking up the next morning and searching the words 'Meat Shakes' to find out if it was life threatening. Low and behold it's not even a medical condition and they claim it's not even real. Funny, as I was in a cold sweat and shaking after consuming the equivalent of several heads worth of cattle. I don't remember the last time I tossed my cookies, but I duly contemplated inserting fingers to see if it worked as I needed to make room for day 2 of our assault on ribfest.
We have penciled in a sprint triathlon in for Sunday. If the weather looks good and she hasn't died from protein poisoning, I'm going to stick the Mrs. into a womans-only race. I'll have to resort to being a spectator but this is ok as I have high hopes for plenty of 'scenery'. :)
It's a short swim and I'm told the water is quite warm and many other participants are doing the race without a wetsuit so we've(I've) decided that we do not have to drive all the way to Toronto to rent the wife a wesuit. I made up the part about somone telling me the water will be warm, but by the time the Mrs. reads this it will be too late. Besides, any extra buoyancy gained from a wetsuit will be completely negated by the amount of cow consumed the night before. She'll be a sinker for sure. Good luck babe.
Anyhow it's raining outside, oh darn, so I'll pass on the bike ride tonight. I do however want to get an open water swim in this weekend. Either I'll get my swim in at the womans race by stuffing the chest of my wetsuit and trying to blend in, or we'll go to long point and I'll swim Lake Erie. There's a good chance I'm more feminine than a number of the competitors on Sunday so I could probably register, however Fran refuses to let me shave my legs so I that messes with my plan.
I just found out today that the Gym we goto was bought by another company and is messing with the membership fees. We've been getting our fees at an absolute steal so I think this will be the end of that. $8 bi-weekly for the both of us. Yes, you read that right. Oh well, it may be time to see what other Gyms are in the area or ultimately try a home gym. Sure, they always just turn into laundry hangars but we all have good intentions. Perhaps someone has a used laundry hangar of their own they are willing to sell. I could be like Chaz from the bowflex commercials - because he got that body on that little workout bench right? Sign me up!
I finally loaded the purple-people-eater pic from the 24hr race. Don't look too close.
I'll thow in a pic of my son's and I chilling at the Ride-the-Plank mud pit too. :)

I have started to visualize my Swim. I forsee it going something like this:

I've set the bar high, but this is how I imagine how fast my transition will be at Muskoka:


  1. I'm definitely rethinking the wetsuit based on how friggin cold it was this morning. WTH?

  2. The video's are awesome. Has that guy ever tried putting on a shirt by himself prior to the race? Love the swim video too, although I think I'll stick to the running.
    Jenn Lopes



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