Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lumbergh Days

She was having sympathy pains for me. I knew we had a connection, and this just proves it! We were meant to be together. I just haven't met her yet, but of course She Wants Me!
Poor Chrissie Wellington. Defending Ironman World Champion and she couldn't even defend as she didn't race due to illness. That had to be a tough decision. Congrats to this years winner, whoever you are, but it must be tough knowing you only won because the real competition didn't show. I'd go nuts with that doubt in the back of my mind for the entire year, I hope she can back this win up next year when Chrissie actually competes. What an experience for the winner though, enjoy it!

Just the same, Epic Bill Bradley got sooooo close to crossing the channel. On the GPS map it looked like he was there. However once the sun set, the temperature dropped and he succombed to hypothermia. This guy is a hero, he is to keep his chin up regardless. He made it to the start line which is more than anything any of us will probably ever do in a lifetime. His battles won, or lost, inspire the rest of us to do great things.

Amidst all these battles comes good news. Training Payne finished Kona. The beer drinking, cigar smoking, Tri-Dork has finally done it. A well earned victory nonetheless. It's utter fail that he has become a role model for many aspiring athletes, including me. His story gives hope to the rest of us, that if he can do it - then so can I. :)

So my energy levels are slowly returning. I am excited to get to work in the mornings and get things accomplished, however by noon-hour I'm out of steam. I never understood people's obsession with coffee, but in my 'old age' I have come to appreciate it's effect. I was never a coffee drinker until recent so a large coffee will send me to the moon. I can't have a normal conversation after a large coffee, my thoughts and communication ability are in two different time zones. My mouth can't keep up and I end up looking like a fool. I try to lay low after drinking coffee and close my office door. My head has enough voices and thoughts without the effects of caffeine. Heck it even causes me to break a sweat as my heart feels like it's racing. It definitely wakes me up! The plus side now is that I get to walk around with me Ironman Muskoka 70.3 mug. I kinda feel like that guy Lumbergh from 'Office Space' movie. Come to think of it... I kinda talk like him too.

So I'm counting down the days before I can get back to training. The original plan was to be back already, however I am still on the meds and have not got back all my energy yet. I figure I'll be safe and start next week. I'll just have to suffer going soft in the meantime.

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