Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fab to Flab

The day after my last post, things took a turn for the worse again. By the time I went to bed, the pain returned and I was back where I started on Monday. I got fed up and used the internet to self-diagnose because the Doctor wasn't much help and I need this to go away. Within minutes I found what it was. I could check off 6 out of 8 symptoms for it and there was no mistaking what it was. The silver lining was the part about how it will never heal on it's own without drugs. You have to see a doctor no matter what. I DID see a doctor and he was useless. It's comforting to know that Cracker Jack boxes are not just giving out driver's licenses these days as that is where this guy had to get his license to practice medicine. I was so mad at him.
A not-so-quick trip back to a different doctor and I got the drugs I needed. And not the cheap kind either as he said "this is the I.V. grade drug" as if he's pulling out the big guns or something. It sounds promising anyways.

On the training front, I've been getting lots of cardio in. Daily, I've been brushing my teeth. Heck, I even walked up the stairs a few times from the basement. Something as simple as picking my nose will cause me to break a sweat. I would argue that it was way easier to ride a bike a couple hours in the summer than it is to do these chores today. I'm physically drained. My energy levels are hitting rock bottom, I dont have much left to fight this  infection so I'm hoping the horse pills will work on their own.

Last night it became quite obvious. When cutting the sliver of turkey on my plate, I could feel the muscle hanging off my bicep. It was drooping and swaying back and forth. I've gone real soft. My appetite is non-existent too. I'm full after 2 peices of toast. That's like a feast for me. A recipe for Thanksgiving FAIL. This wasn't how I pictured it. I was hoping to pig out and then get back to training this week. I'm going to have to adjust plans, just as soon as I beat this Kidney infection.

I'm to tired to edit this post, I'll leave it as is. :)

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  1. Kidney infection, ouch! That's nasty! Thank god for the Mrs, worlds best wife come through again! Hope you are feeling better soon.



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