Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blurry Silence

I wonder if I'm going deaf and blind? I sure gave it some thought after last night's swim. I took my swim mask off and everything is a washed out white and blurry. My eyes were red and bloodshot as always. It felt like I had my eyes open underwater in a chlorinated pool but I had my mask on the whole time. When looking at lights they all gave off pretty rainbow rings and things were fuzzy. Perhaps it's because of my mask? It sucks against my face pretty good, it sometimes leaves light-bruising or popped blood vessels behind. The strap is not tight, but the mask does have a good suction action.

How I envision my indoor trainer

My wife showed me how to get water out of my ears by jumping up and down on one foot. It works like a charm, for the most part. Last night I had an ocean between my ears and they just would not drain. For some reason I feel water logged and sleep like a baby when I have water in my ears.

This all got me wondering if too much pool time can be hazardous for the health. I was only in the pool for an hour and got 3300m continuous non-stop freestyle in. I dunno.

There is a nagging voice in the back of my head that wants me to get on the bike more. I can only ride outdoors on weekends so this means setting up the indoor trainer. I've been dreading this but the time has come. I think I'll setup my indoor training space this weekend. I have been off the bike waaaay too long. I was going to wait until mid-December but after feeling weak on the bike last weekend, I need to do something about it.


  1. Watch that mask! Too tight a seal will cause that...and permanent damage too if you're not careful.

    As for the hopping on 1 foot thing - TTIWWPOV. (this thread is worthless without pix or video) :D

  2. What kind of goggles do you use? I had a pair that were so tight that I would get headaches after wearing them. I switched to Aqua Sphere ones and are much more comfortable.

  3. That sounds pretty scary about your vision. I have Aqua Spheres and love them - they're comfy and do a great job at keeping water out.



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