Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perfect 7

I missed one of my goals this weekend. I was hoping to have the indoor trainer and area setup in time for workouts this week. This did not happen. I would like to make it so that I can see the TV from the trainer so I can watch movies on the bigscreen. Last year I just had a computer monitor out in front of me and watched videos through the computer. It was an 'ok' setup but to be honest I didn't spend all that much time on the darn thing. The screen is too small and it was awkward trying to use a keyboard mouse from the bike. I need to come up with a better setup.

Last night's swim was plagued with suck. It started off with me squeezing between the big woman from previous posts and the miserable old hag that refuses to share a lane. When we're squeezing into 1/2 lane like that I get a sore neck from trying to look up straight ahead to make sure we're not going to collied. A few hundred meters of that can be annoying. What made matters worse was that the miserable old hag was doing flip turns improperly. She wouldn't shoot straight back, she just flipped and shot off into some random sideways direction. She didn't even look either, so a few times came close to a brutal head on collision near the wall. Ignorant.
Within 500m I was whooped. My neck was sore from looking ahead, and my arms were fatigued for the first time that early in a swim. I was tired from the previous day's mountain bike ride. I was getting sloppy and it was becoming increasingly annoying trying to avoid a collision. I took a short rest, which is unusal for me, and then continued. This time I made sure to cut it close to the old hag to assert my position in the lane. She just would not move over and stayed directly over the black line. Then it happened. A huge guy showed up and I could see where this was going. He squeezed in on the other side of the old hag and I choked when I swallowed water laughing because it was obvious what was going to happen next. He was a strong swimmer and pushed alot of water when he went by. The old hag wouldn't move over, but either would he. BAM. Collision mid pool. It was awesome. I'd swear he did it deliberately, but I dont blame him. She does not share. Period. I think she thinks she owns the lane because she came equipped with the building 30 years ago. I didn't hear if they exchange words but there was a brief pause mid lane where they tango'd. After that it just got worse for her. He was encroaching on her lane with obviousness practically steamrolled her. She finally got what was coming to her while being squished between the big guy and me. Not even 10 minutes later she packed up and left. If only she would share like everyone else. The rest of us can get along, just not her. With my kneck cramping from trying to hold my head up so I could watch the underwater theatrics and my arms feeling like wet noodles - I didn't stop. I continued and had a final peaceful 1000m in the comfort of my 1/2 lane without worrying about collision.
One day, we will have one too many people and succomb to properly swimming a rotation in a lane. None of this straight out and back crap. It's weird but I kind of like it now, albeit the head on collisions.

A beautiful fall mountain bike ride wrapped up a perfect week of training. Sunday's MTB ride did go a little longer than planned since I got lost in the network of trails. The ride was going so great that I didn't mind though.
I didn't miss a sinlge workout this week, I nailed all my distances and times for the 7 days and feel great! Fatigue is setting in, I worry I'll have to suck it up this week but I can rest assured knowing its the final one before a 'recovery week'.
It would have been more perfect had I got on the bike trainer during the week. I think I'll put that off until the next Set since I'm feeling so tired. I don't want to risk forcing early mornings so early in the JPO program and catch a cold or something.

Early mornings will suck. I need to ease into them. Mentally I think I'm prepared now though.

WEEK 6 TOTAL (Set 2, Week2 - Maintenance Mode)

Swim:  1:45hrs
Bike:   2:00hrs
Run: 3:20hrs
Strength: nil
Total: 7:00hrs

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