Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shields Failing

I may have used up all my limited willpower to reject the onlsaught of no-no's last night. 21day challenge is going to feel like 21 months at this rate. I don't think I can survive another attack. It was the niece's birthday party.

It started with the beer offer. It was an easy instant rejection, the offer just bounced off my shields. This is going to be easy, I thought. The beer offer's were relentless though. By the fourth offer I had convinced myself that since I was driving, it is best I do not. I stood my ground.

Then they brought out the big guns: Ohhh the cupcakes and icecream. I flinched. I didn't say no, I just sat there quietly as they handed out the plates of yummys to everyone. I figured if I pretend I'm not looking, they won't offer me up a plate and I will not have to dip into the willpower reserves to power the rejection. It didn't help that everyone at my table, was digging in. Heck, the little kid beside me scooped up some icecream and held his spoon out in my direction as if to offer some. Under normal circumstances I would have thought the string of goeey slober hanging off the edge of the spoon would be gross, but it actually looked tempting. I mean, if I just lashed out with my tongue and slurped up the icecream real quick, maybe nobody would notice. I could blame it on the kid, he stuck the spoon out in my mouth. Plausable deniabilty.
No, there were too many witnesses. This kid knew what he was doing. He had a look in his eyes like 'I am only offering this because I know you can not have some. na nanna na-na na!'. He is pure evil. I hate that kid.
Sure enough a plate got placed in front of me. I looked up to find it was Mrs LoTC that put it there! Are you serious? really? You know I can't eat this so why did you put it there. I hate you too!
I think she paid that kid to taunt me. It's a conspiracy. They're all out to get me!

At this point I was done. I was going to justify indulging on the next offer. I'll just start-over the 21 days, besides it has only been a few days. If I start over now, I only lost a few days!
Ohhhhh then they brought out pumpkin pie! That is my favourite pie in the world. I crave it sooo much. I may have found the answer as to why I like it so much - I read a research article the other day that said pumpkin pie increases blood flow to your wang by an AVERAGE 40%!! Wow, Mrs LoTC wants me to have some. I was waiting for her to bring me a slice.

To my dismay, they never even opened the box of pie. Disappointing.

The shields are down. I need to regenerate them somehow because the next no-no is going straight to mah belly. Periond. I. Just. Need. To. Survive. Until. Day. 5. - It gets easier? Right? ??

On the bright side, I put in a wicked awesome run today. It was cold and windy and looked like it was going to be freezing rain but I went out anyways. I've been eyeing this route for quiet some time but I know it is just a little bit too far for a novice runner such as me. I just thought I would walk as much as necessary and hold a long-slow-run pace and get through it. There was some mild sucking it up, but I countered the distance with a few small walks. Walking is good, cuz I suck at that too. I need to do more walks and get comfortable with it. 15km run complete! yay me! HIDE THE CANDY CANES!!%!!!  She put up the tree, it's not even december. Uggghh.



  1. First - great run!! That looks awesome..

    Second - my will power wall has fallen down as well, time for a bit of rebuilding of the sheild.

    Third - I love pumpkin pie too.

    IMLP 238 days!

  2. Is that your longest training run so far? Good on ya for doing it in some shitty cold wind!!

  3. Nice run, 40% growth, wow, with that sort of growth it may become an outty. haha.




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