Friday, November 5, 2010

Scaredy Cat

So Wednesday night's swim was fun! Freddie, the guy that indirectly planted the IM idea in my head, showed up and we got a few words in at the start. I missed him leaving though, I was looking forward to chatting more. After 2500m swim I hit the sauna to warm up and met a guy that does competitive trail running races. I enjoy trail running, I didn't say I was good at it - I said I enjoyed it! I was interested in hearing more about the trail races, he was from the states and had a fair amount of experience. He had a thick southern(?) accent. Very american-ish.
Anyhow, he was telling me of the 5-peaks trail racing series that run here in Ontario. The conversation carried over to the changeroom, WHICH IS ACCEPTABLE. Fran thought it was 'odd' that I was chatting among naked men but the rules state it is perfectly acceptable under the correct conditions. Initiating a conversation with a naked stranger is nothing short of 'suspicious' and I'm pretty sure the unwritten man-rules say this is unacceptable. However, if the conversation began while clothed and was carried throughout the transition to nekkidness then it is 'ok'! I think Fran just wanted to fantasize about nekkid men talking tri. She's such a perv.
Thursday night was a our first ever night run, and on trails too! I wore my headlamp the whole time to get a feel for it on my head. I hardly noticed it was there, I was worried it would bounce around on my head and get annoying. Once it became hard to see, I turned on the lamp to find it didn't do very much. It had to be super dark before it made a difference really. I was a bit afraid of the dark. I jumped a few times when a man-eating squirrel made sudden movent right beside me in the leaves. I hate being 'scared' it's one of my pet peeves that I make a point of avoiding. I hate scary movies with a passion. So the headlamp worked better when it got super dark, but the focused beam bounced around alot and made it hard to focus on the trail features immediately in front of me. I think next week will be the ultimate test when the clocks turn back and it is pitch dark throughout the entire run. We may need to stick to flat groomed railtrail with the headlamp rather than rolling hills in the valley that risk twisting an ankle. Then again, maybe we'll find a worthy route on the streets around our house. I doubt it though, it's just not the same.


  1. Sounds like a solid day. I swam 2200 today and I can barely type.

    You talking in the change room made me laugh and brought my mind to this episode of How I Met Your Mother...they were talking about how there are guys who continue conversations while they are changing, some guys that are a little shy and hide, and ALWAYS there is this old dude who just lets it all hang out with one leg up on the stool, talking to you.

    I am sure you needed that visual. Your welcome.

    We have man eating squirrels here too.

  2. Ha ha, you missed Freddie because he swam half that distance. He'll catch up but it's going to take him a few weeks. He tells me he is going to start PX90 this week....we'll see!
    As for running in the dark, it sucks ass. I like to run out on the country blocks but this time of year I get stuck running the Drumbo treadmill. If I run every street it's 4k - woo hoo! Better to run the streets than break an ankle - dark trail running...your a nutbar!

  3. CG - Congrats on the 2200! Keep it up, I find it gets easy fast! I'm one of those guys that let it all hang out. I mean - when you're hung like a horse there is nothing to be ashamed of.
    You can thank me for that visual too ;) lol

    Jenn - P90X is nucking futs. Good luck with that, I know it's beyond me. I have no core and that Yoga one is the toughest of them all.
    We'll see how the time change effects our trail running. I'm pretty sure we'll be stuck on railtrail at best now that it gets dark earlier.



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