Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time Management

It's that time of year again. Last year we made a laundry list of races and events we wanted to participate in. While making the race schedule for 2010 we couldn't help but get excited about all the awesome races we got to participate in. This was our first year for triathlon. Normally we would only be mountain biking, alternating between a race weekend and a road trip - so to squeeze some triathlon in was no easy task. Actually in hindsight - it was almost miserable. It seemed like every single weekend we had a race. Always on the go, never a chance to just relax by the pool. Heck, I didnt even give running a fair chance as I completely slacked on my run prep for IM Muskoka, I didn't factor in any running races. I simply did not give running the respect it deserved. The year was just too hectic, something has got to give.
Looking onto 2011 I see a few things changing. We've made a list of hopefuls, but will get out the chopping block and cut the fat away. Having IMLP as an achor event in the middle of the summer means I can cut alot of the races because of the taper period. This also opens up the later half of the summer to lots of mountain biking trips! Yay! Again, I would like to cut the racing down to only a few events. On paper it doesn't look like much, but in practice it's easily overwhelming. I'll publish the list and chosen events after discussing with Mrs. LoTC.

Sooo last night was my first recovery workout. What was supposed to be an easy 2000m turned into a standard 2800m swim. Nothing recovery about it. Although I was in full fledged recovery mode as far as nutrition was concerned. I completely indulged yesterday! The strangest thing happened after my swim. I went and sat in the sauna for almost an entire 15 minutes and didn't break a sweat. Bone dry!? It was weird. Normally I'm pouring sweat by 8-10 minutes tops, but this day I was not even moist to the touch. Dehydrated? Doubt it, I drank a ton of water throughout the day. Perhaps too much, perhaps I need electrolytes? Perhaps something else? It was strange. I got out of there when all the water evaporated off me and there was no sign of sweating. It was definitely hot enough in there, something is wrong with me.
Is it just me or are we in some kind of time warp or something? I feel like it's thursday, but it's only Tuesday. I feel like it's 4pm in the afternoon but it's really only 10am. I dont know if it's the time change on the weekend, but my internal clock got scrambled or something. I'm having a hard time concentrating too. Maybe the gang that jumped me yesterday has something to do with it? I need a coffee, and from my favourite deli in the mall connected to our office building!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing that list! I love picking out races. I'll probably see you at the chilly. I haven't committed yet but it's just a matter of cracking out the credit card.



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