Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if my last name was abbreviated. I've been humming and hawing over bikes for the past few weeks. I had come across a great deal, and as a bonus it was local! I didn't act on it though, I've just kept looking. The more I look, the more I realize I should have jumped on it. It's slightly higher than what I would like to pay, but because it is local and I don't have to go through the hassle of shipping - it would almost work out close to my budget. I'm hoping it is not already sold, I am waiting to hear back from the seller. I think the crap wheels made me hesitate.

Being a 'recovery' week I opted to mount an eliptical at the gym last night instead of going for a run. I figured it would be a good chance to give the joints a rest and let the shin splint heal. I didn't bring headphones again, but I don't think it would have helped. It was torture. There was nothing worthwhile to keep the mind occupied, and it was very difficult to 'get in the zone' with so many distractions. And I'm not talking about the 'well qualified' distractions, there would be none of that at this gym. Instead I was surrounded by the regular crowd. There was 'the grunter' to my left who makes loud strange noises anyone walked by as if to advertise he's just so hardcore. There was the birds who got more exercise walking from one peice of equipment to another than actually using the thing. I don't think they spend anymore than 2 minutes on a device before switching. What's the point, they dont even break a sweat. Typically you see them chatting with each other more than anything. At least there jaw muscles get a workout. Of course, directly in front of me was the severely obese woman that was walking the treadmill on snail mode. Great to see her out, but again no sweat. Why do I care? I don't really, but when the mind gets distracted like that I can't help but observe. I had to watch the other people because the choice of TV pictures, again no audio but not that it would have mattered, was a propaganda news station or a sports channel. I don't watch sports and I can't be bothered to infect my mind with nonsense.

/Rant On

The Biggest Loser? Are the people who watch it.
The third TV was a charm - human torture. What is it about watching someone suffer immensely, inhumanely, that turns people onto this crap? The Biggest Loser makes Jerry Springer look like a saint. Beating these morbidly obese people into submission is not doing anyone a favour. I can't believe that it is healthy to lose weight in the manner portrayed on this show. Even when they lose the weight, I doubt they can keep it off. The problem is the lifestyle and mental weakness of those individuals. It's not sustainable. You can chisel weight off them but at what cost? If the show was about helping people, then maybe it would be ok - but this is not help. Heck, to 'qualify' to get on the show they had contestants do step aerobics until they collapsed. The one woman needed medical attention when she passed out. That was JUST to get ON the show - so because she didn't complete the task, she didnt get on the show. If anything, they should give a spot to the loser of said event because she obviously needed the opportunity more than the ones who completeded the task successfuly (barely alive might I add). Again, the show is not about helping anyone... it's just armchair athletes taking joy from watching obese people get tortured. Disgusting really. As far as the woman that didn't make it on the show - she was devastated. As if she can't eat and exercise on her own time? I don't get it.
My plan is to finish an Ironman, get the tatto and then get fat and old. One day, maybe I'll be on one of those shows. I'll have the tattoo though, so that earns me the right to get fat again? :)

/Rant Off

Everyone has an opinion, so if you love the show I'd love to hear about what it is I am missing. You don't have to agree or disagree, but certainly my rants enjoy sparking a good debate.


  1. Hey Yo

    IMLP here we come! did you see the link Mandy posted on 201Ironman today?

    here is a link that explains my motivation to try the Gluten Free / Dairy Free right now...Im giving it a shot all the way to Phoenix RnR marathon in Jan. if it seems to be of help I am going to use it next year on the stretch run to IMLP

    good luck on that bike!


  2. btw I went to the film - Race Across the Sky - mountain bike documentary on the Leadville 100 - Incredible!!!


  3. I hate to tell you this but the people on the Biggest Loser have a higher percentage of maintaining their weight loss than the general public does. Having said that they also need to do a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise every day, forever. Not that the rest of us don't, I mean exercise everyday is good for everybody but most people lose weight and never get off the couch. I have seen post interviews with these guys and they say that keeping up with the exercise and good eating is hard. However they also have more people watching what they are doing since they were on TV.

    I can't wait til I turn 70, I'm going to start smoking again, drink every day and ONLY eat fast food or junk.

  4. I honestly have never watched an entire episode of BL. I agree with the basic premise - helping people lose weight, but I can see how it take a negative turn really quickly. However, watching it would force me to abandon one of my greatest accomplishments - not watching any "reality" TV.

  5. My wife watches that show all the time. I think it helps "educate" people and shows them hope is not lost but also how hard they have to work to get where they want. I think it helped my wife run the Hamilton Half Marathon last weekend when two years ago she couldn't run 5 km.

    Its kind of like Payne's blog, as in "how the hell can that guy drink as much as he does and still do an Ironman?" He's "educating" us.



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