Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Voices

That was among the shortest swims to date. I wasn't tired, I was comfortable in my own lane with nobody cutting me off, and I was seemingly enjoying myself. Out of nowhere I just stood up and said to myself 'I think I have just about had enough for one night'. Exit pool, enter Sauna.
Was that quitting? I don't know. I rationalize it by acknowledging the excessive distances I have been doing in the pool lately. 3000m+ is a little much for maintenance lol. I tell myself there is nothing wrong with only 2300m but there was that abrupt stoppage that came out of nowhere. I didn't even fight it. I just went with the flow which happened to be in the direction exiting the pool.
Today I wonder if I am begining to burn out a little. I know this is only maintenance mode, but it's still more training than I did leading up to Muskoka Half-Ironman. I did more mountain biking than anything. So perhaps the 'romance' with training for an Ironman is beginning to rub off?

It was just one night, so why am I obsessing? Gees! Get over yourself John! :)

I'm trying to ease into this, which means slacking on the bike a little while I adjust to the new routine. I'm throwing a wrench into routine next week when I incorporate early mornings for bike. The nagging bike voice is fighting with the nagging run voice in the back of my head telling me I need to do more more more. Yes, I know - I'm only mildly insane. I think. Yes I am. No I am not. Maybe I am. - wait - who said that?!

I think it'll help if I put it on paper. I need to forumulate a more conrete gameplan leading up to the start of full-on training. Ok, I'm done talking with myself now. I think.


  1. I just totally copied the 'you might also like' and was able to put it on my blog. Wow I feel much better now.

    So about your swim.. get over yourself, 2300m is more than most people do in a year.

    I do enjoy the talking to yourself bit though, it's entertaining.

  2. hey
    there's nothing wrong with 2300 meters. That's pretty much what I'm banging out right now. No big deal

    Also you have to take into consideration the time of year. Its dark when you wake up and its dark when you come home. Also with the time change it takes a while to get back into the groove.

    Sometimes, I feel exactly the same way so its ok to bail from a workout every now and then. However if you're skipping weeks of training in May, then that's a different story. Hell you could even skip a couple of weeks at this time of year.



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