Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crazy Sacrifice

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Every day? Are you sure about that? That sounds painful. Actually I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that doing it every day is not good for you. You're prone to injury.
I'm talking about Sex Running.

A gurl at the pool says she runs about 10Km pretty much every day. That sounds crazy. And train for a marathon? I thought you should max out at 4 maybe 5 times a week at most? I guess if you're not injuring yourself, why stop eh? Needless to say, I'm a weak runner so I'll stick with my 3 days a week. Sometimes I'd like to slip a 4th in but I'm so afraid of running injury that I don't want to risk it. The last couple took forever to heal.

Mrs. LoTC actually came swimming with me last night! I'm very glad for that, as I could take a few rests and help her out with her stroke. I needed an excuse to take it easy last night since I overdone it earlier this week and was feeling burnt out already. I felt great the next morning, rejuvinated!

Which leads me to an interesting article that Rodney posted. You know the 'fever' you get after a workout? When you're laying in bed in the middle of the night with no covers on you cuz your internal furnace is cooking your insides? Feels great doesn't it? That's the feeling of a great workout. However, all this time I thought I was getting a little extra burn but apparently it is not the case. You're not burning calories with that 'fever'. Actually, they don't seem like they know what it is. I'd like to believe it's from my body repairing itself, but again this article makes you wonder. I can't comment on it's credibility so I'll leave you to decide on your own. Interesting nonetheless.

 On the nutrition front - I've been a very good boy all week. Only one minor exception but I can justify it. I was tempted by some pumpkin pies that my mother sent home with us, so we tossed them in the garbage. Then I was tempted by the homemade macaroons, an entire tin! I ate more than a fair share of them on the weekend but barely put a dent in the large tin she gave my for xmas. I haven't had any all week but they keep calling my name so I brought them to the office and put them out for the staff to eat. Not before taking a couple for myself, afterall they were made by mom for me.

Indoor Bike Training Sucks for you?
I'm going to share my SooPer SeeKreT training material with you. I've read alot of posts about people struggling with the mental games played out on stationary trainers. Some have tried music, others have tried movies & TV shows but most don't seem to work. Watching a show is just not the same when you're breathing hard and sweating profusely, it's hard to make the emotional attachment to the characters and you lose the plot regularly because your mind wanders.
Anyhow I use a combination of the two, Music Videos. Ok, not the crap you see on MTV that never quite matches what you thought it may have looked like - I'm talking about Triathlon Music Videos! Yes, the gooood schtuff! I haven't got them all, but I did add the majority of the very good ones to a playlist. I jump on the trainer and hit play and I'm pumped! Now not everyone has the same musical taste, but these video's do it for me so I figure I would share. You can find the playlist Below.


  1. Nawww, I'd rather watch the druggie show Weeds!!

  2. Ahahaha, no wonder I didn't post those on my blog!

  3. Hahaha I was tempted so I threw them in the garbage!

    thnx for the playlist will use it on the trainer!




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