Friday, December 24, 2010


Run Ninja

Almost over. Just two more sleeps. I can't say I'm a big fan of Christmas. I don't like the commercialization of it, not that I would like it even without the pressure to spend spend spend. Everyone gets so warm and cheery and fake that it's just a bit too much to swallow. Not a day goes by that I don't think about how lucky I am to have a loving hawt babe of an athlete for a wife and be thankful for healthy strong-like-bull boys that make me proud. Why do people wait until Christmas to show thanks and all that stuff. I make sure I tell my wife every day of the year, granted I could probably say it more to the kids. Seems kinda fake to me to wait until Christmas. Now toss in the necessary evil of extended familly gatherings and who can blame me for dreading Christmas.
Yes I am scrooge. I'll be the first to admit it. However I came across a little something to help me through the holidays. It was on a blog, and it wasn't a one-liner mantra or a complex training plan. It was just a frame of mind. It said something along the lines of Don't waste time dreading the inevitable, just take it one day at a time and go through the motions - Make the best of it!. Those weren't the exact words, but that is what I took from it.

 Knowing that there is really no way to skip Christmas, I should just embrace it. In this spirit, I have made an effort to put a smile on and not resist or dread the numerous gatherings that dot every single frickin' day of every weekend in December. I really made an effort this year to try to socialize. I think the biggest help has come from my training routine. Going for a hard workout and then attending a party doesn't seem like a big waste of time all of a sudden. I treat it as a recovery time. I sit on the couch and love the feeling of taking the weight off them legs, they feel especially good when I get to bend my knees and get a bit of stretch to the muscles. I curl my toes and appreciate a pair of soft warm socks and make a point to make myself as long as possible and stretch out the whole body from time to time. All of a sudden these parties dont seem like such a waste. I can strike up a conversation with the most know-it-all-jerk on the planet and be perfectly content pretending like I care what he is saying. I'm in non-active recovery, this conversation is part of the training. I'll even crack a smile and laugh at your stupidity a couple times. Don't push it though.

It's not until after each party that I realize it wasn't such a bad time afterall. I was actually kinda glad to see 'those' people again. They might not be so bad afterall. I guess if I didn't see them at Christmas, eventually I would miss them. Maybe this Christmas crap isn't such a bad idea afterall. Don't push it though, cuz if I see one more 'Snuggy-Blanket' commercial I'm gonna Slap-Chop someone.

I finally made it out of the office early this week. This should buy me just enough daylight to try a new route that included some large peice of trail run that is all uphill. There is no streetlights on the trail in the bush so I was under the gun to get to it in time.

Pitstop - Melting snow is so much fun.
Plus Mrs. LoTC appreciate non-yellow socks.
Like running on sand ughhhh

Would have been nice is my crappy
camera phone would focus.

By the time I made it to the furthest point in the run, I realized I might have bit off more than I should chew. The snow trail took alot out of my legs as it was a deeper than I anticipated. Now I had a long way to get back home, at least it was all road from here. I did get out of the trail JUST in time for it to be too dark. I don't know what I would have done if I rolled an ankle or something. For a change, I brought my cell phone with me just in case. I put in in an upper hidden pocket on my vest - this helped limit it bouncing around in my jersey pocket. It wasn't too bad.
I need to cut back on the distance for the weekday runs and work on speed in shorter sprints. These long ones are going to cause me injury. I think I'm still punishing myself for last weekend's debauchery. I think I'm all caught up now.

1 hour indoor Bike Tempo
14Km Run w/ part snow trail

Watch this whole video, I luv it -

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