Thursday, December 9, 2010

Event Overload

Dude, Wait, wut? Summer? What summer? Where did it go? I didn't even get time to relax!

That pretty much sums up the extent of this year.

On paper, a race schedule doesn't look like much. A weekend here, a weekend there and some time in between. Well thats what our summer normally looks like, BEFORE triathlon. Mountain bike racing and trips dotted the calendar and took up most our time. We just got caught up in the  excitment of a new sport. We were both complete noobs to triathlon so we somehow shoehorned triathlon in around our mountain biking.
On paper, it looks great!
In practice - it was torture.
Every weekend we were running around. Through the week you had to find time to get to the bike store, pack and prep for the next weekend. We always were on the go, always maintaining our gear playing catchup. I think we only got one chance to sip ceasars by our pool and relax. It didn't help that it was a mild summer either.

So for this year we need to strike a balance. To do that we need to come to terms with reality and be prepared for some hardcore sacrifices.

We are not mountain bikers.
We are not triathletes.

We are unofficial 'Quadrathletes'.

Mountain biking needs to be sacrificed? Pffft I dont think so. I am first and foremost a mountain biker. So how do I accomodate this? I mountain bike. That's it. No racing. I am no longer racing mountain bikes at 24hr races or 8hr races or Ontario Cups this year. They take way too much out of me and the only thing that makes them enjoyable is the comradarie of the team at the campsite. We shouldn't have to torture ourselves to ride together. So, mountain biking will be reserved for crosstraining and fun only. No racing. This also means that traditional races like Paris-to-Ancaster have been chopped from the list. Another 'torture' endured simply for tradition. It's time to comes to terms with what was enjoyable vs. what we did because we have always done it. Sacrifice.

Triathlon - We need more experience. I will not get enough. I will have to rely solely on my training and hope that it's quality is enough to get me across the finish line. I wish I was doing more triathlons but there is just not enough time before Ironman Lake Placid. This is the way it will have to be.

If mountain biking and triathlon were not enough, we also added running races to the mix this year. I guess you could group running races under the term triathlon but the fact remains - it is a completely separate event. So that is mountain biking, triathlon, running for this year. Wait where did all our time go again???

Anyways, the schedule goes like this. Get my running in order by early spring and prove it to myself at the running events. Lay short-distance triathlon and road cycling on real thick in june. Round training off in July for Ironman Lake Placid. Take all of August for mountain biking and throw a couple fun events in there. If I recover in time om August and feel like some self torture I can try to do a 24hrs Solo mountain bike race - no sense wasting all that fitness, might as well use it! Assuming they have room left to register for the race. I'll wait until last minute to register of course. I have to see how I feel.

The list doesnt look like much to me. It seems a little skimpy on the events but as I plot it out on a calendar I can see it is actually borderline overload. The only thing keeping us sane will be knowing that August is free to relax and do as we please. 'Off-season' in August? HELL YAH!!! W00T!

Official pencil'ing of the race schedule. J=John F=Fran

Mar 27 Around the Bay Race (J)
May 29th Toronto Womans half marathon (F)
Jun 5 Milton Sprint Triathlon (J)+(F)
Jun 10-12 Self Directed Training Camp (Epic Man, Ontario Version, Bring it!!!) S+B+R+Torture
Jun 18-19 Toronto-Niagara-Toronto 200M (J)+(F)
Jun 26 Muskoka Long Tri (J)+(F)
Jul 10 Peterborough HIM(F) Drunk Sprint(J)
Aug 21 Element Offroad Tri (J)
Aug 26-28 24hrs HAN Solo (J)

Recovery week swim last night. 1700m easy fun swim with the wife. Yes, you read that right - she came swimming with me!
Oh wait - Garminconnect is down AGAIN. I guess I cant post my workout today. Have I mentioned how much I hate Garmin?


  1. 4 minutes?!
    What happens to the other 3?! ;)

  2. I hear you on time flying with races! It felt like every weekend of the last 6-7 months I've either been racing, recovering from a race, or training hard for an upcoming race... though I wouldn't change a single thing because I enjoy it too much!

    Looks like a fun schedule!

  3. Do Xterra! Then you get the best of BOTH worlds!

    Nice schedule!



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