Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Famous Snowmallows

Not yet, but they will be.
Damn Kids! They stole it! Thats right, those dirty little rascals came and stole my 5 seconds of glory!
I'm talking about the Ironman Muskoka 70.3 broadcast on TSN. I recorded it the other night and just watched it now. We studied closely to see if I would make it on TV. We went through frame by frame anxiously hoping for a glimpse of anyone from our group. It came so close for some of us. Had the camera stayed for just a moment longer or panned another inch to the side then we could have made it on TV. I just need a split second of fame so I could say "I did IM Muskoka AND I was on TV!".
Sure enough, I didn't get filmed. Instead, right there on the swim start line you can see my kids. I'm the one out there freezing my butt off on the race course yet they are the ones who take the fame. I can't believe this! That's it. I've had it. There is only one clear course of action
Suck it up buttercups.
That's right. If they are going to be tri-famous then they have to do the races to earn it. I have decided to sign all three of my sons up for a Half Ironman   Olympic   ok fine, Sprint distance next year. Actually I had to wrestle mommy LoTC for a Sprint vs Try-a-Tri. The battle is not over but if she gets it her way it'll be a Try-a-Tri distance. We'll see about that!

What do you wear when running in the snow? Do you even run in the snow? Is it safe? Do I wear hiking boots instead of running shoes? Should I stick to the dreadmill? I was on the fence all day. It wasn't deep snow, just an inch but enough to make things slippery. Do I run on the snow covered sidewalk or run the tirewipes on the road of sidestreets? First and foremost I don't want to get injured!

I went out anyways. Threw some old shoes on and ran the tirewipes on the street. When there were sidewalks, which is rare around here, they were too dangerous to run. I couldn't see what was underneath the snow and the cracks and slants were scary to cross.
Luckily the first snow has come on an evening of a short recovery run. I did a couple laps of the neighbourhood and I felt great! I don't know what I would do if the snow was deeper, what do you do??

My post last week talked about splurging on calories yet losing weight anyways! Well you can also add laziness to the mix. The less I train, the more weight I lose! I weighed in another record breaking 1/2 pound lighter today! I suspect that the water retained for muscle repair is not needed during an easy recovery week so I'm just now seeing my true weight. I need to gain muscle, not lose weight! Grrr!

So she makes some Rice Crispie Squares last night. I'm thinking Rice Crispies are reasonably healthy, so hey why not. Wait a second though- have you ever read the ingredients on a bag of marshmallows? I think  I'll pass! I resisted the urge to snack on it and went straight to bed. Not before taking a picture to brag about the battle won between my belly and my brain. Not to worry though because with three teenagers in the house, that pan of badness will be gone in 24hrs. Or so I thought.
She makes my lunch this morning, low and behold I find THIS in my lunch. Are you serious? Really? She seen my brag about me resisting the urge last night, yet she packs one in my lunch??
OK, now I know what you were just thinking. 1) I'm probably not getting 'any' tonight and 2) I should make my own damn lunch.
She knows I love her, but I think she's trying to sabatoge me. On the bright side, I STILL SAID NO. It sat there looking at me, I tried to rationalize it. I even unwrapped it and let it sit there while I ate the fruit. In the end I threw it on the floor and rolled it around on the ground so I would'nt be tempted to eat it while I finished the rest of my lunch. In second thought, that wasn't much of a deterence. 50 second rule and all. Or was that 5 seconds? Bah, who's counting?

Just say NO!
One of these things is not like the other.


  1. Dude

    You'll have to toughen up if you're planning to run Around The Bay because you'll have a 2.5 hour run in February.

    For winter running, take shorter strides, slow down when turning and for god's sake, wear wind briefs. Your "boys" (and I don't mean your kids) will thank you after the run when you hit the shower

    I'll run until it gets below minus 30. After that, (*&^%#$# that!!

    You might want to get some traction for your shoes (check your local running store)

  2. Uhhhhhh just to clarify. Is that temperature in celsius or farenheit? lol :)

    Thats an awesome product! Thanks for the link!

  3. Well, you knew you were going to get my two cents...! Yes, run outside. Treadmill running sucks and will leave you disliking the run more than you already do.
    Don't run in the tiretracks, they are more patted down and icy. I ran all winter last year and never fell once. It was usually when I'd take a walk break that I would wobble, never while running.
    Don't run in old shoe's unless you want to end up injured. Wear your regular running shoe's, you'll need a new pair in the spring whether you wear them or not. I use trail runners for the winter, more stability and less mesh.
    For clothing - base layer pant, wind pant on the bottom. Base layer, mid layer and wind jacket on the top. Bellaclava on the noggin, gloves and trail shoes.

  4. I screw 6-8 hex head self tapping screws (#8 X 3/4") into the soles of the running shoes (it does not harm them at all - but you cannot walk on your hardwood floors after the run - LOL).
    With these installed I can run on any surface - even skating rinks.

    I live in Ottawa, ON so we do run on the Rideau Canal during winter; skaters get upset when we blow by them wearing shoes!

    For deeper snow I put on X-country ski gaiters over the running shoes making sure the gaiters cover the top of the shoe.


  5. Correction!! The screw size is #8 x 3/8" NOT 3/4". 3/4" would go through the sole into your foot!

    If you have shoes with very thin soles than you can go with shorter screws - 5/16" but when you run on pavement the screws may come out.


  6. Sorry your moment of fame was missed! As for those rice crispy squares...thank goodness I don't have any around here (yet).

  7. Great job gettn out there! Running in these conditions always make me more grateful when its gone:)

    tho that is FAR off right now

  8. Do you have YakTrax? Aka chains for shoes? They are the best that I have found for running in the snow. I ran in 27 degrees this morning. It is getting colder down here. It wasn't too bad, but I know there will be some runs in the teens come January.



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