Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Route

I think I found myself a route worth repeating! I've been running through our residential areas trying to peice together a combination of flat sidewalk, safe lighting and the least amount of traffic and road crossings as possible. So far I've been failing miserably. I thought I had a route figured out but the traffic is still too much.
Tonight was a new route, an out and back. I don't want to backtrack the same scenery on the return voyage but there is no room for a loop on this route. Lack of sidewalks and lighting at this time of year leave the options limited.
It was intermittent-high mode for the windshield wipers tonight. That means I can run with a rain jacket but be prepared to cut short if the rain picks up even a slight bit more or I will freeze to death. To my amazement it was extremely warm tonight. 10 celsius! I didn't even wear an outer layer, just a core, mid and rain shell. It felt great!
Given it is an out and back, I took a chance running that far away from home with no means to escape the weather had it turned bad. I worried about this road becase it is a country road, no sidewalk but it does have a great bike lane to run along. Once I reached the city limits I was so happy with how wonderful the road is lit up. It's a large valley which means I get to run to the other side and get a bit of elevation change working the hills. Hardly any traffic and I can run both sides of the road so I'm always facing traffic to move out of the way if the need be.
In the spring, I can cut off on to the trail and make a lolipop loop of this route once the days are longer. I dont want to run trail in the dark. Too dangerous around here.
In the end, this would be absolutely perfect if it was more of a loop than an out and back. I guess I should be happy with what I got though, considering the lack of good options for most other people. We're in a great little city out here!

I'll get pics sometime. I just dont like carrying stuff in my pockets and have it flailing about. I could use a runners belt. With my runs getting longer and breaking the 1 hour mark, I think it is time to get one to carry a bit of fluid with me.


  1. I love finding a new route! You did better than me, I didn't do the rain run Tuesday night but I did finally squeeze my fatass out the door last night.
    I highly recomend the fuel belt. I've got the water bottle belt which bounces up and down uncomfortably on my waist and the hand-held option which makes me feel lopsided. I finally spent the cash and bought the fuel belt which is awesome - no bouncing and super comfortable.

  2. I'm thinking of the 4 bottle Fuel belt. I only need 2 bottles but hey, maybe one day I'll be able to run further and need the other 2 bottles lol!

    That's awesome that you got out last night! It looked like a good evening for it!
    Some wise chick once told me:
    "There is no such thing as bad weather. Only soft people"
    I use that to get myself out the door.

    You should try it sometime! :) lol



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