Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wind Chill

I can tell I'm deep into week 3 of this Set. I am tired. Luckily for me, next week is a recovery week! Same number of workouts, but I'll cut them down to 60% duration. Only 4 more sleeps to go and 3 more workouts of which include a long run and a bike that will probably be a cold wet one. Must. Keep. Going.

I'm slowly peicing together the races we're doing next year. Everytime I look at it, the list gets smaller and smaller and smaller. I'm almost ready to post it, not that there is much of anything left on the list lol.

Last night's swim was way better than Monday's. I didn't feel so tired and I think alot of it had to do with being more relaxed not worrying about a head on collision in a crowded pool. I really enjoyed myself, especially knowing it was the last swim before recovery week! Yay rest
Tonights run was the worst one yet. Not from a performance standpoint, I feel like I held an acceptable pace considering. It was very cold. I completely underdressed. I think Tuesday night's 10 celsius run went to my head because tonight I dressed much the same and overlooked "-" minus sign in front of the 10. Yeh it was a cold one. I was still chilled 20 minutes in but eventually I warmed up a bit. That can be remedied for next time, but the part I was more worrieda bout was my face. The cold brisk wind on my skin felt like needles. I need to get a balaclava or something. My face was hurting when the wind blowed.
In the end, I kept a 'long-run' pace for a short-distance. I do not want to over-do it before this weekend's attempt at a long run. I don't want an overuse injury. There is too many people blogging about injuries and I've been lucky to go 7 weeks injury free. I was playing with near shin-splints but it has cleared itself up after modifying my technique. I'm such a noob runner.

That's all I got for today.

Motivation gets used up like like Nutrition for your body. Hammer Gels are to nutrition as these videos are to motivation. I watch this video, among others to keep the motivation topped up.


  1. Ha, wait until you have a 2 1/2 hour run in the 2nd week of Feb!!

    I just signed up for ATB. I'll be gunning for you

  2. I love that video - and I like how you said motivation is like nutrition - so true!!

    Please don't say the "I" word around my little legs. They are very sensitive.

    OH! 232!!!!!



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