Friday, December 31, 2010

Routine Chaos

Christmas morning Camera Test - Check Check!
Keeping this short, I need to get a run in today before it rains!

Sitting at my desk yesterday I was looking up some vacation information for staff and by chance looked at my own time sheet to find I had 9 hours of personal time that will be lost if I don't take them by January! Packed my bags and out the door I went, I am taking the rest of the year off ;) Unfortunately I didn't plan for these days off, nor did I want them really. The weather isn't nice enough to bike ride and I have to be careful not to over-do the running. I'm feeling sore muscles from the running, I don't want to hurt myself.

My routine which I was just finally settled into has been messed up with all these holidays. I can't wait for the new year!
I like taking advantage of these days off to get long enjoyable workouts in, but it messed up my scheduled training plans. I think in the future, I will actively plan and schedule workouts to factor in the holidays. My 'cookie-cutter' week-to-week approach is flexible for missed workouts but doesn't do so well when I slip extra long unscheduled bike rides in.

My messed up week at a glance:
Tuesday Holiday: Unscheduled looong MTB ride for fun. Missed my run.
Wednesday: Rescheduled run complete, but missed schedule swim due to car problems
Thursday: Scheduled bike complete, scheduled run missed(Legs sore, didnt want to run 2 days in a row)
Friday: Scheduled rest day, but I think I'm going to skip rest and get my missed run in. runs are important with Around the Bay Race getting closer.

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